How to Practice Golf (Day 9) 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking: Tiger Woods Drill

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To see the full video CLICK the link below:

You've finally made it.

The last day of the 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking series.

It's time to be rewarded with some fun!

Over the past 8 days, you've learned to move the ball higher, lower, right, and left and how to fine tune those movements.

It's time to put those ball flights together in a fun drill that can dramatically improve your ability to score!

In this Day 9 capstone video, you'll learn Tiger's “9 Shots” drill, which will help you master each combination of trajectory (high/normal/low) and curvature (left/straight/right).

I'll even walk you through how to score yourself with this drill so you can tell:

What parts of your ball striking need the most work.
What your “go to” shot ought to be.
How you're improving over time.

Check out the new video now because you can have fun while mastering shotmaking!
9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking Video Series

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Day 1: Controlling Your Starting Line
Day 2: Hitting a Draw
Day 3: Hitting a Fade
Day 4: Low Trajectory Golf Shots
Day 5: High Trajectory Golf Shots (Premium Members Only)
Day 6: Fine Tuning Your Draw (Premium Members Only)
Day 7: Fine Tuning Your Fade (Premium Members Only)
Day 8: Fine Tuning Trajectory (Premium Members Only)
Day 9: The 9 Day Ball Striking Drill (Premium Members Only)

To see the full video CLICK the link below:

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joe byrne says:

Great tip, what club should I mainly be doing this drill with

Thomas Lo says:

Excellent Videos to teach me how to shape the ball ! I do very appreciate
Clay’s Work! Golf Instruction says:

Thank you Thomas. ~Clay Ballard

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