How to practice your golf swing

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How to practice you golf swingDanny Maude reveals why many golfers struggle to transfer their good shots from the range to the course.

In this video he shows you a simple framework you can use during your practice to get significant improvements on the course.

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Dave Monkfish says:

Great idea, trying this out next week!

Richard Brandon says:

Great video Danny…..can't wait to try. I never miss one of your weekly videos. Thanks!

Terry Benson says:

I used to practice off mats, I didn't get the ball then turf very well. I used to take a driver, three wood, iron and a wedge – then play an imaginary hole. Much like you are showing here. My driver and three wood were OK, the irons suffered failing to get ball then ground, the mat was too hard for me

Big Al says:

This is good, technical in the think box then execute in the play box. So important to mix it up so it’s not automatic nor mundane because the course hardly ever gives you the same lie and target back to back. Practice the way we play!

Guy Picone says:

One question – practicing on mats is a little more 'forgiving' with irons. Should I mix up practice by trying to hit off the grass when I can versus just off the mats?

Tim Grant says:

Good stuff Danny…I watch as many of your videos as I can. I can't get enough instruction on how to practice

mark steed says:

As I change my swing thoughts almost daily (having found some great tip on YouTube 🙂 ) I need to grind it in. So tend to hit 7 or 6 most of the session which are quite frequent! Big problem this never settling into one formula as always thinking need that extra move to get more length or what have you. Any ideas on this Danny? Fabulous site you run

Thomas Fraser says:

Agree 100 percent. One thing that bugs me on You Tube is seeing some golf instructors place their balls in a preferred lie as they teach us how to swing. Maybe it's just me; but seeing a professional instructor tee the ball on top of the grass makes me loose confidence in what they are teaching.

Stephen Callaghan says:

Hi Danny you said when you practice on the range treat it exactly like your on the course, well I did. I’ve now got eight broken clubs ? no your right myself and a friend do that all the time we pick a target have two shorts each a small bet then pick another target. It gives you the point of why your there.?

Kenneth Chastain says:

ok so im confused. so are you saying to practice and then just swing when no thought abput what youre doing? For example i sometimes swing over the top. shpuld i practice not dping that amd then step up and not think anything abput it and hit the ball out of natural habit? btw my game went from its best to wprse the last cpuple weeks. very frustrating

Joe Apice says:

I fully agree with the principle but my driving range does not have the room for a technical box as you call it. I must practice my swing by moving back a little from the ball and swing my club. Your approach is good if you have the room.

lestergoods says:

I do this sometimes. But then I forget other times, and just stand there and wack balls. Of course I walk away feeling good about the swing, and like Danny says, my golf game suffers.

Sasa Humski says:

Mr. Maude, feedback/ you are very good,and your videos are very on point, but you give out way too much good information for free. How do you make any money?? That's just wrong,

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