How To Putt Like Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods has been one of the best putters in the world for a very long time. A lot of this is down to his pre-shot routine and how he lines up his putts to the hole. I show you exactly how Tiger does this and how you can use it in your game to help you putt better and lower your scores, alternatively lower your handicap!


Joshua McCrory says:

Big Tiger fan and i subscribe send some Bridgestone tiger golf balls my way

Blake Wittenberg says:

i was missing alot of putts to my right. once i tried the line on the ball and stood over it i realized i was aiming way right. it felt strange but i trusted the line aimed more to the left and started sinking alot more putts. thank you for this video.

Vonik says:

Great Video James, Keep The Content Rolling In!

Rob Mullen says:

Thanks mate Great tip what are you thoughts on ball position?

Mitch 1977 says:

Hey! Tiger & I putt the same! I didn’t know there was a different way… read it roll it hole it! Nice vid ??

Simon Hobden says:

Need to get a pack of those Tour B balls and conpare them to the B330S which i use

Jaclyn Jennings says:

Nice one James. Definitely holing more putts will make a difference. P.s. don't scuff my tiger golf balls haha

Andy R says:

Another good video. Exactly what I follow and works a treat. Great feedback using the thick line when it doesn’t roll end over end?

Steddygolf Sloan says:

Will holing more putts lower my score? Come on James that answer is pretty obvious! ?. Outside of that crazy question …….great quick lesson video. Keep them coming

Tommie Thatcher says:

Thank you so much for that tip,love it

Paul Curotto says:

Hi James,
Great information I have been doing the same and lining up straight at the hole and not the line of travel. That is about to change ?

danthemanwhocancan says:

I think I’ve been automatically lining my putts up at the hole all these years!! (And not the intended line) I’m off to the putting green now! Great tip!

Juan Garcia says:

Yes proper putting alignment lowers your scores

Juan Garcia says:

Tiger is the man

Matt B says:

gave up lining up because it never seemed to help. definitely going to try the putter shaft method.

Video idea, course management ideas etc how you would approach certain situations?

Ray Fares says:

Nice clip…

Old Man Golf says:

Definitely putting will lower my score, that’s number one. Number two would be getting on the green in one shot from inside 50 mts. Love the channel James.

Nic Ted says:

II see not everyone is a Tiger fan, In his day he was unbeatable even the great Golden bear said he has everything in his game and he was right. Its a shame he had time out with his private life and injuries otherwise he would have been closer to Jack's record in the majors.

Jason Evans says:

I don't use a line on the ball, I usually pick a spot an inch in front of the ball but now I've got my new Scotty ( your fault may I add) lol I might give it a go.
5k followers shouldn't be long about I'm sure James, keep up the great content ?

Quentin MAURICE says:

Sick of the crap

James Ferguson says:

How to get more consistency putting

iHateYourName says:

How to putt like rickie fowler? I think hes a better putter

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