How to react after a BAD golf shot!! Smash, Throw, Punt, & Break golf clubs!

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Clarinut says:

I’ve performed the axeman many a time. A classic!

fastballts10 says:

Mind games with the opponent!!!

Bobby Jackson says:

i think its a waste of a perfectly good iron

Ed Junior says:

This makes me realize what a complete jackass I am to golf with :(

moreme40 says:

Funny. But I would rather develop skillful shotmaking and never mind the
skillful club tossing 

dragonexpert8323 says:

I was expecting the ax man to slam it into the ground a few times without
it staying in like in the movie Happy Gilmore.

Hgncpa says:

The Bo Jackson is totally backwards, and the way they do it will endanger
your ligaments and meniscus. The proper way to snap it across your knee is
on top of the muscle above the knee, thus avoiding any potential damage to
your kneecap, meniscus or tendons and ligaments that connect below.

These guys are amateurs. You will only hurt yourself following their poor
procedures on the Bo Jackson.

Hgncpa says:

The Helicopter is not done from the waist or chest line.

The hands come behind the head and the club goes above the shoulders.

The knees remain flexed and leveraged with all the weight on the back foot
behind the hands, for maximum speed as you release forward on an upward
path for maximum spin and hang time.

These guys are amateurs compared to me. No panache.

Tamim Seo says:

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Aquib Aanam says:

Wow man!you rock!

John McLean says:

So So Funny!

Dubzify says:

The slow motion was a nice touch, made me chuckle.

chapshow1 says:

Well done.

Josh Goldstein says:

Perhaps the most comprehensive instructional video on the subject.

Benoit desjardins says:

after a horrible week, you guys made my day right there. Best humoristic
golf video EVER!

Hume Cole says:

This video is priceless.

youfan011 says:

This is life changing for my golf game.

golfer84jb says:

Ha awesome!

GatesMcMuffin says:

you guys shouldbe real actors

main channel says:

that was brilliant, guy in green amazing acting

Chris Gardner says:

I kinda wanted to see him try to catch the punt like he promised in the
hopes that he would hit himself in the head with it

thebuzzcutboy says:

this was great!

Ji Young Kim says:

thumbs inside!!

Eric Elmore says:

funny as shit…I will definitely favorite this one.

greatslyfer says:

lol there should a video showing techniques that you can use if you fock up
these techniques up haha

Puregolf2000 says:

I used the axe man yesterday

EssHighlightReel says:

you say thanks for watching after he said that to you?

zora singh says:

guy in the green sounds like Seth Rogen!! like if you agree

super6961 says:

You showed him, shit show.

Iven Tana says:

Great teacher and naive student — excellent combination !!! I love it.

MyFallout3freak says:

wow that is wat i do on the course lmao

DAcanyousaymreyes says:

this is beginner stuff… just watch kids at AGJA tournaments lol

Matt Anderson says:


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