How To Release The Golf Club (DO THIS!)

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This video is about Improve Your Backswing – Full Shoulder Turn Drills For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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How To Release The Golf Club (DO THIS!)

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MrHullum says:

5:47 photobombed by a deer… 😉

azcharlie2009 says:

I discovered this phenomenon many years ago. It's counter intuitive that you decelerate to increase club head speed. But this is exactly how to transfer the speed of the body, arms and hands into the shaft, and finally the club head. It just feels so natural to keep pulling with the arms, which is the habit I continually fall back into. Thank you for reminding me!

jsilva says:

I’ve been looking for a definitive way to move the hands and release the club properly for YEARS! I can’t thank you enough Adam.

Marcus Sheldon says:

It's not what the Late Mike Austin is saying. Check out Mike's realise folks unbelievable!!!!!!!

Michael Ford says:

I do release the club n many cases it goes further than the ball ???????

syed omar alkadri says:

Hi Adam, I have been watching a lot of your videos and love your content. I tried this drill today and I realise I can’t time the club to square at impact. Some shots are great but when I do miss it would be a bad hook. Any ideas how about to do it ? Thanks

Art L says:

Awesome vid .. thanks

Danny LeBlanc says:

Is this with every club in the bag? Thanks for the great instructions!! Love the videos.

Marc Tebo says:

After over 30yrs of golf, I've finally figured the release out! Thanks to Adam, this video and a few of his older ones, I'm finally releasing correctly…..until I get to my longer clubs. My driver and 3w have gone to the dumps. I can't get the feeling on correct release with these clubs. Is there a different way to go about it?

Btw, I've picked up at least 10yds on every iron. What a difference a proper release makes! It also corrected my slight over-the-top and I can now draw and fade irons at will. Ty Adam!

James Greer says:

Excellent video as usual. Great explanation of various positions and good reminder to keep the arms and wrists loose and supple to get that snap while delofting the face.

Muhammadali Al Harazy says:

You are one of a kind; the insidious details and the multiplicity of variables you offer in the presentation are unique, Thanks a million.

Wayne Dowding says:

If I release with the hands turning over my irons go left too much and my driver comes out low with low spin. I am a 5 hc and find this way needs really good timing, am I missing something here or should this be a natural unintentional movement?

James Toomey says:

I’ve been studying golf videos for over four years…these are the highest quality instructional videos you can get…and no, this this NOT a paid ad or am I associated with the site in any manner. Adam simply can teach the game of golf.

Connor Tame says:

Really helpful.

Paul Yates says:

Really simple and easy to understand. I've been playing for 30 years and never focussed on the release but it now makes complete sense why my contact is inconsistent. I'm off to the range !!

Joseph Mazzell says:

This video, and the drills it promotes, assisted me with keeping my arms connected to my torso. This prevents my two way misses, especially my pulled shots. Thank you.

Patrick Purcell says:

Thank you well explained again!

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