How to Release the Golf Club like a Pro: Online Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA

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Learn how to release the golf club like a pro in this golf swing golf lesson video. This is the third of a 3-part online golf lesson series about grip, flat left wrist position and release by Herman Williams, PGA Professional, at

The elusive “release” in the forward swing portion of the golf swing is described in detail with specifics on training for improvement.

Be sure to watch the other videos in this playlist for grip and flat wrist.

Link for Grip Video:

Link for Flat Wrist Video:

Video link for Release:

For private lessons contact Herman at:

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David Schultz says:

herman thanks for the video. quick question, if i’m working on this and
hitting lowish shots that start left and hook pretty good, do you have any
idea what it might be? also had a few heel hits and i had to say “hosel
tov” a couple times. 

Marvin Gonzalez says:

May i ask what kind if netting you have there?

e james says:

this makes perfect sense. It’s the big muscles that control the swing. At
no time should a golfer be manipulating his hands or wrists, The legs ,back
and shoulders are controlling the action. The smallest muscle group to be
used in the swing is the arms but if you think about it,the rotation of the
arm is achieved mostly by the shoulder muscle.

Dylan Patterson says:

Herman I have a question… you have any drills for getting yourself
back in sync when you get to the course and your swing just doesn’t feel
right? I have been playing very good golf. good short game hitting my
wedges close decent long irons etc. but sometimes I get to the course and
my release is off or out of sync and I just start getting all frazzled and
fall apart. (Im sure some can relate) any good drills for that issue?
thanks Herm!

Steve G Surprenant says:

Herman, very helpful video. In terms of the left forearm rotating first
and then both forearms crossing over – are you saying to let your left
forearm rotate freely and both forearms crossover as you swing through
(because of the clubhead’s weight) or actually force your left forearm to
rotate and then force the crossover?

Dylan Patterson says:

the release is such a neat “ah ha” moment for me! It actually allows me to
keep my backswing more compact (im sure i go back more than I feel like
anyway haha) but still get good distance with my irons…. release sends
the ball packing! I am pathetic with my driver however any reference
videos for that? thanks Herm!

Mason Archer says:

What he discusses in this video changed my golf swing. I was one of those
people who everyone said, “gee, you’re golf swing looks fine, don’t know
why you’re slicing it”. I started doing this and presto, my slice went
away, contact felt better, and distance was better. Assuming you’ve got all
you’re other fundamentals right, this may be what you’re missing out on. I
spent all summer at the range frustrated but I consciously utilized this
today and bam! Suddenly I have a respectable swing. Also, it helped me to
think of “slapping” the ball when releasing, don’t know if that’ll help
anyone else but there you go. Thanks for the video!! I can actually enjoy
golf now

King Pawn says:

Just practice with right release lesson added 15 or more mph to my normal
swing speed , thanks….

paul white says:

Hermanizer. First time writer.

If I could ask. Can you talk about how the shoulders work. Are you “hitting
it” with your right shoulder. xyz. not really sure what that means either.

Can you talk a little about the shoulders, or steer me to a video.
Thank You. U the man.

Andrew Gough says:

Great instruction Herman–here and on your website. I always come back to
these videos about release and right wrist action when my swing gets out of
whack. Thank you very much!

Jason Reed says:

Thanks again for this video. I definitely early release. You talk about the
left forearm rotating so I assume left elbow is fairly passive? Are you
delivering the elbow towards the target at impact? My elbow is almost
pointing behind me at impact, which I’m thinking is really wrong and is a
result of me trying to hit the ball vs just releasing the club.

Josh Blankenship says:

Unparalleled instruction for my game. Scores plummeting, but one thing
worries me: Is that rolling of the left arm and wrist something that you
personally feel very conscious of manipulating, or over time does it just
“pop” in the strike zone on it’s own? I sure have a a tough time trusting
my timing. Thanks again for the great instruction.

Mox_au says:

so we’re saying there’s a conscious effort to rotate the forearms through
impact in the swing?

emperorpenguin93 says:

Thank you Herman for your easy to understand way of teaching. Really like
the cause and effect part and how and why we do the things we do. You’ve
really helped my game, especially on the fundamentals. I was a 18-20
handicapper and am now a 10. Keep doing what you’re doing and am looking
forward to more videos from you. Guess you can say I got HERMANIZED.
Would love to see a video on shots from 100 yards and in.

Tyler Orr says:

ive always been told to overlap even by john rector!

rdlez says:

Herman, I’m having a rough time hitting my 3 wood…(Behind the ball,
topping it, etc.) please give me some help. Happy New Year, Rich

kidpoker007 says:

How to you practice the bowing of the wrist at impact? ty Ken

TigerWoodsWorld says:

thank you so much!! every video i had no understanding of there point but
this one here made me feel like a pro thank you so much and keep uploading
god bless

Herman Williams Golf says:

@jeannortier Thanks for watching and commenting. No short answer for that
one but I’ll try. Ball position for driver will prevent too much downward
attack. I like to build an aggressive release for my players until they can
routinely hook the ball. Then I try to steadily increase their lag to
negate the hook. It’s definitely a learned process and can take some time,
but it’s not a mystery if you just apply steady practice time to it. Good
luck. – Herman

Jim Squires says:

Push or push slice. Never understood the proper forearm rotation or
release. All makes sense now. Why is there so little emphasis on this
important aspect of the swing by teaching pros??? Thanks a lot for this
important video!!!

Herman Williams Golf says:

Not necessarily. Several great players use interlock. It’s just a tougher
grip for many uncoached players to perform correctly. If you feel confident
about your hand positions on the club, continue as you are. Beware of
burying the right pinky all the way in the gap and getting that hand too
far underneath the club while simultaneously holding the club too much in
the palm of the left hand.

sanfordsson says:

Herman, you mentioned the interlocking grip cause more problems than it’s
worth. Could you elaborate? Over the years I’ve gone back and forth between
interlock and overlap with varied success. I was always taught however that
the ten-finger grip was a no-no.

Herman Williams Golf says:

@maddogmoloney72 thanx … I appreciate you guys checking out my channel
and watching the vids.

davetits says:

is it supposed to hurt when i get Hermanised? cos it does

Gu Zhang says:

Sounds reasonable. It’s real new knowledge for me. Let me try this out 🙂

Bobby Champagne says:

Herman, i have a question. Does the interlock grip in any way cause you to
block your shots creating a slice? would it be better for me not to use
that grip or should i just try and practice with a 10 finger grip and while
playing use the interlock?

Herman Williams Golf says:

@MBGC14 thanks – they’re coming.

kidpoker007 says:

Thanks Herman, your videos have really improved my swing Ken

Derek Goes says:

thanks, great. why don’t you title the videos with 1,2,3, in the title so
they come up in order?

Herman Williams Golf says:

@55clk Hey thanks for compliment. The release is one of the biggest
problems I see in my day to day teaching – generally arms are shortening
thru impact as wrists scoop. The technique in this video could be construed
as a little “handsy” for some players, but most amateurs I run into can
barely get the face squared at all. I like to get them hooking it and then
show them how to counteract it later. I’ll do more videos on this subject
and analyze some pro swings for you guys as time permits

brad stecklein says:

i think grips don’t matter as long as you match the release to it.

Herman Williams Golf says:

Thanks, Gman.

spazaraza6 says:

Ok so after impact is the left wrist still bowed?????

Alan Momney says:

Herman, you are a very gifted teacher. It is difficult to find someone who
teaches with such clarity what the dynamics of the golf swing look like and
feel like. Keep up the great work!

Herman Williams Golf says:

@silowhore You’re working on the right stuff. Check my video on “how to
stop blocking the ball” and also part 3 of my recent series on distance
“impact & finish in golf swing part 3…”

Herman Williams Golf says:

I actually agree with you. But if they don’t have Zach’s super strong grip
and shut face, the release move I describe here is often the “weekend
hackers” only chance to stop slicing and create some power.

Herman Williams Golf says:

I’ve answered this frequently, but you’re right about the pro’s.
Unfortunately, “average Joe” tends to struggle to get his hands in the
right position when trying to interlock. There will be plenty of amateurs
who get it right, but odds are if they are watching this video, they’re
looking for help with grip & struggling to interlock correctly. That’s the
whole reason for suggesting overlap and 10-finger are easier for those who
are struggling with weak left hand & strong right hand w interlock.

Herman Williams Golf says:

Monster Wedge

Herman Williams Golf says:

@dennis4g1 Thanks for commenting. Those 3 areas alone account for most of
the problems we see on the lesson tee in terms of shot direction. Make sure
you are starting out with your right arm on top of your right chest as a
lefty. See my setup video for tips. With the arm on top it’s easier to get
on path and release with less “chicken-winging” going thru the ball.

Herman Williams Golf says:

Not for long … it will start to “fly away” at some point shortly after
impact. Some players stay “flat-wristed” mid-way through finish but it is
not required. If you can’t trust your feel at impact, I will sometimes
train staying bowed into the finish as a short-term plan for improvement.

slow50000 says:

I have watched hundreds of videos and for some reason this seemed to
finally click. Great piece of information. Thanks

Herman Williams Golf says:

Sure … it’s better than giving up, that’s for sure. Get out there and go
after it. Good luck. – Herman

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