HOW TO RELEASE THE GOLF CLUB | Square Vs. Roll Release

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If you have been on a search for how to release the golf club, you are in the right spot.

Over the last several years, with the rise of Jordan Spieth to the top of the game of golf, a surge of players have been trying to mimic his “square” release.

But what about other players like Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, or Rory Mcilroy who have a “roll” release. Which type is better?

I will get to the bottom of the pros and cons of each, so you can decide which is best for you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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sypen1 says:

the flip is caused by you body rotation stalling not really from trying to do it will your hands and arms, if you run it in slow mo you will see it's virtually impossible to flip the way you describe, your body will try to protect itself and move out of the way you won't find the club over taking the hands. If it were possible to do it the way you described you would break your wrists, you body just will react and wont let it really happen.

Tigersmundo says:

I beg to differ, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Speith, Ben Hogan, Lee Trevino are NOT rollers and stable thru impact that had and have a great grasp of this pattern is going to dominate week in week out.

Jon B says:

is it easy to hit a consistent draw with square release? I'd imagine you would just push the ball or more likely have fade spin given that the face is not closed relative to swing path

Self Defense & Common Sense says:

one of my more recent changes to my swing was to try to not let the face roll over very much until after impact. all I know is I got the lowest 9-hole score of my life after changing to this. Which was a 40. And for me given that I have only played six rounds in the last three years that was pretty good
I have been going to the driving range once a day for the last 2 months though to work out my swing

Ju's Outdoors says:

This is dumb. What happens after impact doesnt matter. Once the ball is off of the face, you could nail a perfect follow through like Rory, or you could jump twirl and finger your butthole; both to the same avail. Now me, I like to nail a nice follow through for good looks, but it doesn't matter

Tranel Hawkins says:

Hello Clay, the idea of creating Lag should be more appropriately stated as creating and maintaining, shaft angle. When young golfers and amateurs here the term lag, they think they should artificially increase the angle in the wrists and end up with many swing issues such as throwing the club face at the ball.

jeevst says:

you read my mind! I was going through this dilemma this week. thank you!

Mike Rodrick says:

Doesn't the roll release require nearly perfect timing which will affect consistency, which is the biggest problem for weekend players? Also, what's your opinion of the single plane swing as compared to the normal 2 plane?

John Cooper says:

I would think your timing has to be perfect with the roll release

D Slatt says:

If I choose the roll release, do I roll also when hitting a fade?

Matt Bonneville says:

The secret to the roll and consistency is to make it the result of good load up and sequencing. The roll happens, you don't have to steer it and make it happen. If you feel like you have to steer it, the issue is not with the hands, its the body that is not working right.

TheNYgolfer says:

One of the most informative videos I have seen in a long time. The Golfing Machine calls these "angled hinging" (square release)) and " horizontal hinging" ( rolling release).
The rap on a square release is less power but less power does not necessarily mean less distance. Huh? Yup I did say that…. lol.
Since the square release from my experience , gives me a lower trajectory because of reduced backspin, it rolls out longer on landing so the total distance often is more than I get with a rolling release with it's higher spin and higher trajectory and less roll out.. So for me a rolling release is great for high soft shots and a square release is great for lower running shots.
Hogan was a square releaser and according to Butch Harmon, Hogan had the most impressive piercing trajectory Butch had aver witnessed.
Nicklaus was a roller and was well known for being able to hit high soft shots with long irons. Something Lee Trevino (a square releaser) often said gave Jack a great advantage on those long approach shots to small hard greens

J@D W says:

Maybe roll left arm at impact, hold right hand square, turn.

David Carr says:

Thanks, good stuff…

ge10good says:

Tha face still turns over, if you think of holding off slightly, it will happen, but its split second stuff

Ace Golfman says:

Smart video of release. Though DJ with the bowed wrist is the square release.

Matthieu Van der Beken says:

Most underrated golf channel I know ! Thanks for these detailed video's !! Really helpfull and easy to understand. Thanks!

Ecclesiastes 3:18 says:

Spieth plays with a slight "Chicken wing". It works for him of course. There are various successful ways to release the club.

Championships have been won using all methods. Whatever works…

Any method of release will eventually cause the hands to "Roll." Some roll early and others later into extension and follow through.

Billy Jester says:

Excellent video. Golfers need to be aware of both swings types. It gives them the opportunity to choose which is better for their abilities and move forward to perfecting which swing they choose. I don't mind paying extra for great lesson.

Peter D says:

It is a matter of simple physics that nothing you do after impact can affect ball flight or trajectory.

Patrick Miller says:

It doesn't looks like Dustin Johnson has a roll release. His face stays pretty square for a long time after impact.

Alexandre Fragoso | Alexandre Fragoso advocacia says:

Totally agree. You can see Jordan Spieth is sending some golf balls to the right. Specially with the driver.

cgasucks says:

For me I think having a square club face as long as you can promotes more forward shaft lean than having a roll release…and obviously more accurate..

Cor Lof says:

I go in to the rollllll, Thx a lot 😉

Lee Whittaker says:

great detailed videos clay

kbkesq says:

Great video. I wish roll release was easier to learn. I appreciate your emphasis on which is easier on the body. I think that's important. I played w three long hitting college golfers yesterday. They all use roll but combine that with going after it hard. But as a 40's 8hcp I'd like to use it for easy distance rather than maxing out.

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