How To SAVE MONEY Buying New Golf Clubs In 2021…

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How To SAVE MONEY Buying New Golf Clubs In 2021… There is no better feeling than buying new golf clubs, but how can you save money on golf clubs in 2021? get the best deal on new golf clubs? buying discount golf clubs can be one of the best feelings ever! which golf clubs should you buy? what are the best golf clubs of 2021? the best mid handicap golf clubs of 2021? best mid handicap irons? most forgiving irons for mid to high handicap golfers? what golf clubs should you buy? int his video I speak to Gaz a fellow PGA Professional who gives us the top secret tips of how to save money when buying golf clubs! Let's do it… and let's do it now!

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chris savage says:

I want new clubs bad but man they are not cheap I really want nice ones to like taylormade love the m series

Adam says:

Bro how do you not realize your wallets missing for 3 months lmao

JAMES Andolina says:

I'm try to get into golf look for to buy I'm left-hand I'm 6ft one

James Cameron says:

Best way to save money is not to buy new clubs at all. They are all over priced because the companies give vast sums to pros to endorse them. The true cost of clubs is very low, but grotesquely inflated by the manufacturers who love profit. There have truly been no advances in clubs for quite a few years,. Read Tom Wishon's book "The new search for the perfect golf club"—he tells it as it is..

diD Projects says:

“Never good enough to be a player, is it snowing…” … not gonna be a weatherman either ??

diD Projects says:

I got my Cobra King F7 driver off a FB group. Didn’t go blind though I’d tested one against Ping G400 at American Golf and the G400 was slightly longer but about £150 more expensive at the time. AG had a F7 for £169 as newer models were out and I found an F7 on FB group for £100! Seller also had extra weights and it came with reg shaft and stiff shaft. I use reg flex but got a spare if my swing changes. Great tips guys and nice find in the rough (wallet) .. none of Foxy’s balls too?

Corey McLennan says:

Loving the video gents. I've got a bit of a question for you about a new driver. I'm currently using a Callaway X Hot, however its just come to my attention 8 years later, that it has a senior flex shaft in it. And i'm only 34. So naturally my driver swing has had to slow down to get any resemblance of control over the ball, except for the rare occasion i give up, swing it like i mean it and somehow manage to get the ball dead centre of the club. (As rare as rocking horse crap)
So i'm looking for a new driver, getting back into the game this year, but i don't know my club head speed, or any details. Which leads to the expensive (Hopefully not) question of "What driver do I buy?"

mgibuk says:

I tried a G400 3 wood a couple of months back and thought it was absolute class. Ping haven't done much to update their woods recently so that range is a great shout for a bargain. That was £155 brand new in my local club shop but selling for £180 second hand at the time.

John Bae says:

Anyone know where I can get a 10.5 SIM driver. Head only?

Erik Piccinin says:

I bought a new aeroburner hybrid last year for 15 because I wanted to see if i liked hybrids. Things almost a decade old and they still have new ones out there lol

Yus Din says:

Hi Gaz iv still got the mizuno mp30 irons you sold me at Tinsley Nice to see you doing well ? god bless

Matt Williams says:

Getting fit at 2nd swing is SUCH an amazing way too! You buy a driver and they included a free entry level fitting. Test out the driver for a few days and then come back, get fit for what works best, and you have 30 days to return for full store credit. I've done that so many times. Great prices and lots and lots of club options too

Andrew McLaren says:

Hi guys I had a question… Been playing for 4 months I'm currently using Wilson d100 irons and mac daddy 2 wedges. If I miss hit its always right and my average swings for my pitch is 115 flat carry 88mph ball speed, 7i 147 flat carry 108mph any tips?

Joe Ciammaichella says:

What’s your view on Tour Edge?? I just bought the new C521 irons with some extra length as I’m 6’8” and jumbo grips. They just arrived and just curious on your opinion.

Larry Butler says:

Like that .
Iam looking at ping g425 or g710 not sure
As iam high handicap

Jack Deakin says:

You alright there son? “Skidding” ?

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