How to Shallow the Club With Gravity

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How would you like to become more consistent in golf?! How do we come in square to the ball? For those looking to make perfect contact, this video on How to Shallow the Club With Gravity is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to drive further, we'll cover “the move” with gravity, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Bryan Begley says:

Really good info – seems like a great guy – is this jimmy ballards kid?

T-swizzle Bizzle says:

You really sold me on the concept in the first 15 seconds of the video , i'm impressed.

Frank Grimes says:

Great lesson. Thanks.

Shahid Ali says:

Clay fantastic. This has completely overhauled my game. My posture and swing at finish has started to loolklike pro. Distance and accuracy increased tremendously . This has also made ball compression easy. Clay u are way a part from other contemporaries

MrEasternElectric says:

Clay excellent video. Where do you teach? Would love to come see you for a tuneup.

sumsar0125 says:

Is there a specific reason for a steep(er) backswing and a shallow downswing?
Wouldn't it be easier to go back and through on the same plane – slightly inside to out and thus a flatter swing (at least for me)?

I obtain this by feeling that I'm swinging around my spine (flatter) as opposed to a more upright swing. Think Rickie Fowler's flat profile down the line.


Adey Yemm says:

i dont take much of a divot .

Jason Carter says:

It's dark and raining outside, I'm so excited to try this I am tempted to go out there. Hoping it can cure my over the top, which is so mentally tough to achieve.

Josh Martins says:

I'm a 7 index. No issue with O.T.T. however I come in too steep from the inside which cause me to early extend. I really need to work on shallowing how you are explaining .

VWRabbit2008 says:

Definitely going to try this.

crispybacon501 says:

Hi Clay, how would this work with an 'across the line cupped wrist' overswing? Would I have to sort those problems out first before attempting to shallow the plane?

Neemia Napoleon says:

i have a hard time with my trail hand in the downswing.. do you have any easier drills for big guys with the transition.? mahalo.

imuawarriors says:

new subscriber here! love your swing, love this tip… my misses (especially with a driver) is a straight push or a hook. what video do I watch to try to fix this?

Randy Sharp says:

My first day incorporating this into my swing changed everything so dramatically. The sound off the club face and the straightness of the shot was incredible. Thank you for posting this video

Randy Lange says: have the best ways of explaining the nuances of the swing but making them visual and simple. This shallowing concept creates the nice bowed left wrist (for righties) and was a big light-bulb that went on for me. Luckily, my instructor is teaching the same thing using slightly different words but, between the two of you its sinking and and my ball striking is becoming extremely consistent and accurate. Its really exciting. Thx!

john Campbell says:

Just started watching urea videos I think they're excellent you start with the Y then the instruction then the drills to follow up with the instruction I've used this shallow principal which has helped me immensely but they were always told me you don't lay off your wrist wrists at the top of the backswing can you explain the difference between your instruction of a pause at the top loosened right and left wrist bows a little causing club drop inside and swing on through Hogan in his book great real greatly relied on the drop at the top but never explained how to do it and said it happened naturally which I think is untrue because my biggest problem was thinking that my power started at the top and I was always swinging from the top with my arms and shoulders kindly advise Jack

Jason Miller says:

Great video.  I'm at +2 myself and it took me yrs to move my path out to +3, +4 with my Driver without cheating and swinging from behind myself but creating this mini shallowed loop in front of my chest vs looping my whole left arm and getting my right elbow stuck behind me.I'd say the sum of your video content is the best on the Internet, really nicely done.My only bit of criticism would be your own move looks as if your eyes/head look a bit left  of the true target based on your alignment rod and the ball comes out as a small pull.  Tour pro after tour pro find the target a bit more right, with a guy like Stewart Cink being someone who does what you do. Did you fight a very fractionally left path earlier in your life?

Jon B says:

I think it would also be helpful to add that it's easier to go shallow on the downswing if you're steepen the club in the backswing.

이동훈 says:

Hello Mr. Ballard, I am Korean so my english is not perfect. Please understand. Your lesson is very helpful for me and especially this video helps me to make smooth my right hand. Thank you for your tips.

I have one question and request for lesson. I already saw your "squat" movement in down-swing but it is hard to follow.
I want to have more "drag" movement but sometimes there is slice or push shot, there is topping shot when I try to have more drag. If you can make clip "Avoid several mistake (Like push, slice, topping) when you try more drag in down swing", I think it would be very good lesson video for WW people.

Cadmodel64 says:

Without question, the very best and articulate instructor out here. Just spot on everytime…
If you want to improve, this is the only guy you need, period IMO

Mark Wisniewski says:

This video changed my ball striking. I have been trying to get shallow for a while now and I can tell you this is a game changer in terms of everything that happens from P5-P9. I have never struck so many irons in the same spot on the face repeatedly. This drill will change your game and outlook on it.

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