How to Shallow Your Swing Plane

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P Rex says:

Very good visual.

jx14aby says:

I like the way you say "if you want more paaaaars."

Thomas Fraser says:

Good visual. The key is with the use of how our opposing hands play in our golf swing. The lead hand can only hinge in an up and down fashion such as casting. The trail hand dorsiflex and palmar flex as in the motion of throwing a ball. So the one perfect and precise swing thought at the top of the swing is “cast the club around the body with the lead hand and arm and throw the club head down the line of the target with the trail hand and arms.” This combined yet separate actions of the hands along with eye coordination allows the club head to come squarely to the ball at impact due to the sling shot effect created with the distinctive uses of both hands. The rest of the body will learn how to react to the message received by the hands Thanks for reading.

Joseph Stephan says:

New to your channel. Great video!! The best example of Ben Hogan example of keeping your swing under the plane of glass.
I enjoy your lessons. You are great communicator!!!

Tom Miehl says:

It looks like the knuckles turn down at the very beginning of the downswing. Correct?

Scatterbrain Brain says:

That helps!! Thx

swisstrader says:

She’s excellent.

Dale G says:

Always enjoy your lessons wish you were near me for some lessons. But I practice what you preach. Thank you

R. Taylor says:

I'm a 50 yr old male with 300 plus driver.. 5 handicap. .. But I need some fine tuning on the rest of my game. I love the way you explain with simple, relaxed, and no rush mannerisms.. I watch other (male) channels to find that they (most) try to cram way to much in thier target YouTube time that leads to confusion and way to many swing thoughts… I know your target audience are females but I highly recommend any male who wants top notch tips to improve without high energy all over the place instruction to give this great channel a try… Thanks and I'm looking forward to your next video?

openup007 says:

Wonderful tips… thank you!⛳️

MrUmandMrEr says:

Could you send me one of those padded envelopes please, Christina?

Michael Rood says:

I love the way she says “paaaaaahrs”

vimal Mittal says:

U r amazing and very pretty. I love the way you teach .

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