How to Shorten Your Golf Swing

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How to Shorten Your Golf Swing (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

If you shorten your swing with only your arms, you're going to give up a ton of distance.

I want you to stop overswinging, but you must load properly in your backswing if you don't want to sacrifice power.

In this video, you'll learn the Right Knee Laser Beam Drill to do just that.

You'll find out:

1) Why twisting your hips around in your backswing isn't necessary for power, and

2) How to get fully loaded in your backswing every time.

Watch this video now to learn this simple drill that'll encourage a more efficient and powerful swing!

Comments Golf Instruction says:

Thanks IAMT3XAS! ~Clay Ballard

Ian Blackburn says:

And b) potentially add speed. Thought you might find it interesting. Search
sasha Mackenzie and Chris combo discuss the golf swing on YouTube

IAMT3XAS says:

Another great video…Thanks Clay

Ian Blackburn says:

Hi clay, I came across a good (but gets very technical) explanation of the
club plane/hand plane impacts and how that helps a) square up

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