How To Start The Downswing In Golf

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What are the most crucial points in the golf swing? The downswing? Building lag? Hip Rotation? Maybe Release? All of these points when in tune will allow for not only an effective swing, but also a good looking, solid to the core swing. In this episode, How to Start the Downswing in Golf, we cover the most important points of the swing and guide you to a place where chunking, topping, and slicing are a thing of the past. With practice, the drills and postures covered will graduate you to a new level of golf swing.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Lencha Dabbale says:

Clay, you are one of the best.

Simon Le Bonne says:

Clay, when you demonstrated the so-called incorrect bump-move, you showed what Mr Ben Hogan did (left hip forward of left ankle). Just saying. Regards. Mat.

Gerhard Schoemaker says:

I like your video instructions ! It"s a pleasure to learn from you in such a way

Christian Weikert says:

My pro worked with me the same topic over the last months to cure my pull hook. Now my weight shifts more to the target and the pull hook is gone for my irons. But my woods are all slicing now.


Clay I've learned a lot from your videos man you were born to instruct and because of that I'm hitting my irons really good thanks.

Grafton Randle says:

if i get the correct downswing will this help with hitting to far behind the ball and thin shots if I keep my posture?

Eklypised says:

When you shift your weight forward should you drop your arms straight down after wards?

Eklypised says:

I been so confused lately watching different videos on wether you should start the downswing dropping your arms down first and then the lower body or or start your hips first and then your arms. Is their a correct way or does it just depend on the golfer?

nikhilbk1 says:

I've been following Clay's videos since RST days. Very informative tips!…and scientific too. Thanks!
One question though. Does this sequence change with a longer club (say driver or 3wood)? Do we need a larger initial lateral move to get behind the ball? Since the stance is also widened with a longer club how would the stack-up be different?

Paul Hunter says:

Great Vid Clay…ive been practising this and i have a quick question, does it feel like you are hitting the ball with your back more facing the target – i feel very shut at impact

tom miller says:

I know that you are just trying to help, that is why I signed up but I would love to watch you while I tried to coach you thru your first gallbladder surgery.

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