How To Start The Downswing Leadbetter Drill

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward shows you how to start the downswing correctly with a David Leadbetter drill.

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sawy78 says:

Soon after reading these golf swing tricks “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) and rehearsing the drills as I study, I went out and also shot a seventy three. Another accomplishment I have made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost strike the green with a range of Five to 10 yards on the other 5 holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s on a regular basis. When I contemplate it, I haven’t had a superb round for a long time. .

Golfand Dogs4 says:

great drill, it has really helped… thank you

Yong ho Kim says:

I would have liked to see the real result in the demonstration. Notice the clouds changed after he took the swing down the line. "Take 12!"

vimal Mittal says:

In real swing you do not step in so how this drill going to help?

Golf Entee says:

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golf dogs4 says:

thanks for this drill… it has really helped

kevin reid says:

same as every video of theirs awful audio so you really think ffs guys take it more seriously and invest in a mic wind cover….

stephen f says:

Good explanation of a common misconception with Leadbetter. A "turn-oriented" swing doesn't mean you dominate the ball with your upper body. People who misread Leadbetter as saying so really went wrong and destroyed their swings if they tried to do that. Every great swing involves the lower body leading, the upper body staying back throughout the downswing and being in "catching-up" mode all the way through the ball and beyond, with minimal to no slack.

Imrevince Devilleres says:

Is the house on the right often hit by slicers?

Louie Pasatiempo says:

Great drill! I'm smoking my irons nice and straight

donwist says:

When you start the down swing do you feel the arms are attached to the torso and its your torso that really helps create swing speed once the hips have made the initial bump to the left by slinging the club thru impact ??

Chris Davis says:

Meh, always wind and babble.

crosswire7777 says:

The birth of the A swing

Luke Daniel Borel says:

Here is a quote and an web address that talks about lag and the first move down at the top.

Proper Golf Downswing
by Lyle Smith, Demand Media

The following is only part of the article tilted Proper Golf Downswing by Lyle Smith, Demand Media

"Pull Down
As your arms and hands start into the downswing, it is important to imagine pulling the butt of the club straight down toward the ground. This keeps your hands ahead of the clubhead – often referred to as "lag" – and keeps the power you've built up on the right side of the ball."

Regards Luke
I have no affiliation with the website quoted above.
However I have been to this website several times as a result of a google search
I have done, and have bookmarked the address in the past.

Luke Daniel Borel says:

What I do is at the top, swing my hands slowly straight down towards the ground, about one foot, and now that my club is on a flatter plane, accelerate from there. I flex my stomach muscles which means my hips and torso turn at the same time. There seems to be alot of completely different opinions and theories as to how to start the downswing, and how to flatten the arc at the bottom. I guess there are alot of ways of flattening the arc in the impact area. If your backswing is slow, and the first part of your downswing is also slow, then the odds of getting stuck, are reduced quite a bit.
Regards Luke

Thomas Fraser says:

Would it help to feel as if the right hip is bumping the left hip out of the way at the start of the downswing?

bobbie bobbejaan says:

I guess old David Leadbetter did not have much success in getting his students to start the downswing with the lower body (which by the way is the biggest lot of rubbish), hence the reason he now promotes the A swing….lol

Garry Major says:

Great explanation I take my club inside on the back swing and come over the top.I am not able to change the back swing so what can I do In the forward swing to compensate for this ,watching tiger at memorial is great as he has no idea where the ball is going off the tee which is exactly what I feel.Other than sticking a bucket on my head and a broom up my bum I have tried everything .maybe I should try that next ,love your tips.

Phil bugs says:

Good tip will try it….. Notice how he took a few seconds after he topped that shot! Will I record another clean strike or just style it the fuck out. Well done piers

TheJimmy says:

Please organise the microphones better. I don't want to hear the wind.

pwadspikes says:

Is that really a good place for a house?

Ron Cooney says:

The Astbury Hall guys always have great tips to
help us improve!

HeyJude2018 says:

I am too shallow coming into the ball. My coach suggested I feel like im casting the club to start the downswing. Any other advice you can think of to help me out. Thanks!

kingshearer2 says:

Thanks can't wait to give this a bash since I'm sure this is the biggest weakness of my swing.

David Mclemore says:

This is the ticket to my golf swing. If I can get this down I will be looking at playing the game the way I want. Waaaay better.

WhiskyGalore says:

I got a lesson on how to stop casting and a great swing thought was to drop the hands behind, I find this straightens my swing and helps me hit longer.  This is one of those tips that does work, start with the lower body

Alister Reid says:

It's interesting…when I've used a sledgehammer in the past I always after raising
the hammer and just a millisecond after starting the 'downswing' automatically
shift the left foot to the side to give me the proper leverage and also the proper
in to out line…will now try it with my golf swing as I've done it so often before..

Mark Rice says:

Nice drill… Makes for a good swing thought… Thanks

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