How to Start the Golf Downswing in Detail!

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In this video I go through the exact body movements necessary to make a good transition into a good golf downswing.

The release of the clubhead starts early in this process, as the wrists are stimulated right around step 1.

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Thomas Anonymous says:

Thanks for an important video on one of the most critical and overlooked part of the golf swing, Steve! Then there is the problem with the sound. In parts of the video the sound is simply to low to make it possible to hear what you say in a clear way, not at least since there is a road with rather noisy traffic near that range. It seems that there is a need for a good microphone and adjustment of the sound for these videos, recorded at that place, for people to really hear all your important messages regarding a good, powerful, golf swing.


I thought it's not good to lift the heel on your target side foot. How do you get the same feeling of lowering that heal if you do not lift your target side heel?

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Steve what I see you are prescribing is the advancement of the hips to the finish of the swing and then a whipping motion of the hands and wrist to get the head of the club to catch up to the hips at the finish of the swing. Correct?? At least this is what I see you are teaching in this video that makes amateur golfers as myself screw up our swing way to often then we would like to admit. The last moment of whipping the club with my hands at the most shallow point of the club head is fundamentally impossible for me and other amateur golfers as well. Cheers.

I personally have improved through a different method. This is to say that swinging the weight of the club head with my arms allows my shoulders and hips to turn/pivot naturally in response to feeling the weight of the club head travel it's circular path. So as I hold my grip lightly and swing my arms; my arms; my hands; hips; and club head meets in my middle at Impact to the ball. This collective action on my part allows my hips; arms; shoulders and the club head to finish at the exact same time. Now whenever I swing I like to think of 3 sprinters starting their run around a circular path and finishing in a dead heat at the exact same time. The club head; hands and hips are the three sprinters in this analogy.Cheers!

Benjamin Hogan says:

…forget the slide…stay centered…use you left hand lever to keep the club on plane going back….at the top karate chop the back left quadrant with the clubhead down and out simultaneously…and keep the left hip rotating thru….momentum & rotation will take care of the weight shift…that bump move screwed me up for 3 years…stay centered….and you'lll hit better golf shots my friend 🙂

Swing Searcher says:

When I do the right arm only swing I feel much more external rotation in the right humerus with the right palm facing the sky and can turn much better (more open at impact). However, my one arm swings are lousy hitting balls. 😉

Swing Searcher says:

Interesting sequence compared to what Mike Austin taught. He said that he pushed the hips forward, even in direction of the ball and he said that his ulnar deviation impulse was from the top. When I do that ulnar impulse I hit it higher and not farther. It seems that you teach different here and more up to date with all that sequencing moves you just explained here very well.

afruchter says:

Nice video. Will check out more of your stuff.

RICHARD Parry says:

Views from the range and backside add a lot of clarity.Thx Steve

keith irvine says:

I have been following your page but have one question. I do all the things you state in this video but still can't speed up my swing.
I am 74 years old…was a 6 hdcp 10 years ago but now sitting at 9 and want to get it lower. I hit the ball about 210-220 on average off the tee…on a flat surface. I am very straight…play with a slight fade. How can I swing faster? Is weight training…I don't do this…the answer? I practice on the range daily, trying to maintain or improve my swing and speed for more distance, but nothing is helping. I am
fairly flexible for my age, and not afraid to 'rip at it' when I need to in certain situations………Thanks for any info you can supply.

Jeffrey Tabourne says:

Will definitely put the time in to get this right… thanks for the detail. I have seen the “powerful” results. Now is about consistency!

Herb Goldstein says:

Hi Steve, my question is about the bump to the left side. Your suggestion seems to differ a bit compared to Mike Austin’s. If I’m not mistaken he said to bump the left hip “on the bias”angled slightly to the right of target line. My problem is that I sometimes cannot feel that bump.

Golden Gate says:

Great Video Steve … thanks for taking the time to put this together!!

Kevin McC says:

Is that traffic or wind noise. Can hardly hear the voice

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