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?Want to Drop 5 Strokes Off Your Handicap in Just 2 Weeks with Minimal Practice?


This video is about how to stop hitting behind the ball in golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.







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Improve Golf Swing Path:

Rory Mcilroy Swing Analysis:

Jordan Spieth Swing Analysis:

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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Phil Trotter says:

Adam once again, thank you so much for these amazing videos. Your videos have helped me along my frist year of playing golf and I’m so thankful. Being 38 and just starting to play I’m lucky to have found this channel.

Aussie Golfer says:

Another great video Adam . Watching your videos I am now hitting my irons the best I have . Keep up the good work ?⛳️?️‍♀️

Tomas Jonsson says:

Great video, and the best tip I have had to avoid flipping. Keep it up.

Fred Negus says:

Perfect : take all shots to both arms straight. Good video. Cheers F

Jeffery Mueller says:

I’ve been to many pros who haven’t been able to help me with this..but I believe what you said about the grip might have something to do with it

Alex Saary says:

Stunning golf course!! WOW!! So we want to train the feeling of the arms and body stopping as we approach impact to get the feel of stopping flipping?? Really? What about the follow through dynamics?? What am I missing??

Tom Meyers says:

Does the flipping flaw include those golfers that try to hit with their right hand (trailing hand)?

reginaldino enchillada says:

Thank you mr bazylgette.

Rob White says:

I’m confused about how to make it bigger into a full I still trying to feel the short swing.wish you would do a video on your videos only guy I follow thanks

C K says:

I tend to pull my hands inside on my backswing and probably roll the face open. I am guessing that is a predisposed problem. Do you have a video or drills on how to fix that?

Don McIntyre says:

I am happy to have found your videos. I’ve been gleaning bits and pieces from different teachers. You first fixed my current fault, I’m 6’6” and was sliding on my take a way. I was suffering from topping everything. It seems the older I get the worse I was striking the ball. I started playing at 36 and I’m 61 now. Thanks

Jeremy Lawrence says:

By far the best video on this topic I have seen….very helpful. Thank you!

Brian says:

I trust your advice because your swing is great

SKS Plays says:

I grew up on a farm and really never thought about the golf club needing to be like swinging an axe. That was something I did alot growing up in Kentucky. Funny, how my mind never applied that concept to the golf swing.

Luke 3224 says:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen better grass then at the golf course these videos are filmed at

C K says:

I can't seem to stop flipping. I go to try out new clubs (pumped up lofts) and they go the same distance as my old traditional lofted clubs.

Rich Rolwing says:

The "chopping a tree" analogy is so fitting—there is no real follow-through possible when you chop a tree so it seems if you could forget about the follow-through on the golf swing (although you will still actually have one) you can make a more natural swing like when you chop a tree and make solid contact almost automatically…

C K says:

Adam, I having a problem with this. Do you do online instruction?

Dave Fiano says:

Move Less Get Good!

C K says:

Great information. I've been having wrist pain after I play and I can feel the tightness all the way up to my shoulders. I hope this helps ease that pain.

Greg Boggs says:

Adam I can’t for the life of me take a divot, I sweep the ball all the time. Any suggestions?

Thomas Gaudet says:

Awesome video Adam. Thanks

Nedko Hristov says:

Great video! I just started opening the hips and transferring weight to the point to where the right foot is almost taking a step. Now my perfectly straight swing started flipping to the left. It probably a combination of my changed body position at impact and the fact that I've stopped keeping the wrist too firm. Hopefully this will help a lot.

John T says:

Stop flipping 1) keep body rotating thru hit 2) Make sure you get the hands moving forward all the way to the front thigh at impact w/ irons.

Rob's Axe says:

Great vid, Adam, thank you.

malone77 says:

Adam. Love you videos please keep them coming. Just wondering how this would continue through to complete a full follow through from this position. Or is it not a big deal? Any guidance would be much appreciated.

All the best.


Matthew Spicka says:

Getting ready to buy clubs. Any recomendations on single length irons vs traditional?

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