How to Stop Hitting Behind the Golf Ball – Increase Lag The Right Way!!

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Lag and Head Position – How to Stop Hitting behind the Ball

In this video, Clay Ballard discusses a common myth about how to get lag and how it can cause you to hit behind the golf ball. Clay demonstrates how to get proper lag in your down swing.

As a bonus, we've thrown in a link and preview of the “Level Shoulders” premium instructional video.

Good luck with your golf game!

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Hitting Behind Golf Ball and Increase Lag



sonicdeviant says:

Head should stay behind the ball at setup and through impact though, right?
Ala Nicklaus. Golf Instruction says:
Ian Blackburn says:

I can relate to this as I think I do it on occasions and always got p’ssed
off when I hit the ground first. Most likely because I was ‘trying to hit
down on the ball’ and just not knowing the true reason.

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