How To Stop Hitting Behind The Golf Ball (SIMPLE FIX!)

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This is how to stop hitting behind the golf ball…
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First, I want to explain why you're hitting behind the golf ball, what you need to do to correct it, and then how you can practice it with a couple simple feedback drills.

In terms of hitting behind the ball, let's first define what we want to do, and then we'll talk about the things you can do to stop that from happening, and I'll give you some drills to do.

Now, I'm going to pull a simple alignment rod. Now, we're on a mat here, on which an alignment rod here will work fine. If you're on the grass, you can spray-paint a line or just have a line as a reference. A piece of tape or something like that would work fine.

I'm going to put this alignment rod straight in line with the golf ball on the ground. (Watch the video to see what I mean.) So, the point is, when we're hitting too far behind the ball, that compromises our contact, compression, and distance that the golf ball goes.

We want to fix that. If I were to take a normal setup here, if we watch good golfers, their club will come down, will strike the ball first, and hit the ground second.

So, if I remove this golf ball, and that's the line where it normally is on, what we want to be able to train to do is have the club head hit in front of the line where our golf ball would be. That's the first piece of this. So, when someone would come in to train this in person, if we have solidness of contact issues, I will put a line on the ground, we'll set up as if the golf ball's right on it, and we'll start with little short swings, just chip length, and get you getting that club head to hit the ground in front of it. Watch the video to see the rest!

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Performance Golf Zone says:

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Len Floth says:

Eric just a note and comment please. I address the ball maybe 55-45/60-40 favoring my left side. Reverse K. Should I lose that?

Len Floth says:

Thank You! You nailed one of my big problems. I have been taught to "stay behind the ball>" Had inconsistent striking. I am definitely going to give this a go. (Note: I was told that getting ahead of the ball was cause of chicken wing.) But your demo clearly show that I must rotate as well as shift a little to the left.

chubby chequer says:

Can you do a video how to rotate without coming over the top

The Weekend Hack says:

I chunked multiples this weekend hitting behind the ball

Gordon Vance says:

Really good instruction Eric, thank you

Daniel Zavala says:

Solid video…I'm pretty new to golf and it's honestly as simple as that, moving the weight towards the front helps big time.

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