How to Stop Hitting Behind the Golf Ball

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Have you been trying to get the divot in front of the golf ball? Do you keep your weight forward in the upswing? And still getting those massive divots? You are probably over-compensating for the weight shift you were holding. This causes many problems like coming in very steep to the ball and more than likely a chunking situation. Let's readjust some things and get everything lined back up so we can hit the balls dead solid clean. Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with GDM Golf. Good luck with your golf.


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bamaslaten says:

great drill…I just love the concept of swing reps…Thank you.

Greg Homewood says:

This video is ridiculous. Problem: You are standing too close to the ball. Solution: Stand further away.

Westsideguy says:

Less talking about what not to do.

Deborah Barnard says:

Thanks Clay! You're the best:)

The PNW Rider says:

Won’t the clubface be open as it’s in the process of closing and putting spin on the ball as it closes on release?
My question – does the club swing down the ball line or the plane line ?

Good video

bob anderson says:

I always focus on the centre of my chest bing ahead of the ball at impact. Helps me….. Other trick is to keep accelerating through the ball. If you ever slow down you're bound to chunk..!

Tim O'Hagan says:

How is this different with the fairway woods, and ultimately the driver?

James Adcock says:

so you tilt your shoulders even on short irons

Bamidele Sonubi says:

Dear Clay,

Is this bowing of the left wrist the "magic move " that as always been talked about.
Fyi. I use the bowed left wrist for my long irons 5 & 6. But I dont use it for my wedges.
Is it applicable to wedges and woods as well.



onemore rep says:

Will he just hit the fucking ball

l Made for music l says:

Chris Tucker liked this video ?

Robert Bernard says:

I think Ben Hogan used to do this to get those penetrating shots with his irons. However when I try it I am afraid that because my left wrist is so blowed that if Inhit the ground Inwill break my wrist…….. or am I doing something wrong?

Popsy Gill says:

Great clarity.thanks.

MikeDarr61 says:

Love this drill it's helping me a lot. I have a question that hasn't anything to do with this drill. I'm a short golfer 5' 6" and I feel that maybe my clubs are a bit long for me will choking up help me or should I adjust my stance? Thanks!

tscholent says:

I have recently changed my left hand to face the ground on impact the way you are showing and the results are good . I do mix my follow through by either rolling or "squaring" my arms. I find it difficult to turn down my left wrist with forward lean and roll on the follow through..should I keep my arms square ?

Holo NAmerica says:

you can hit the ground behind a ball on purpose!?!?! then can u hit the ball on purpose? because I hit a ball accidentally.

Motivate Fitness says:

Awesome! Great stuff. Thanks and keep up the good stuff.

Xxemily1234xx says:

i was fine with not hitting chunks but i kept hitting the ground whenever i uss irons i used the thing and i got 200 yards with a 3 iron im 12 is that a good distance ?

Connor White says:

Makes so much sense thank you for this it's helped me a lot already.

Arnold Sanders says:

Now I know why my (seemingly but not actually) "good" shots fly off to the left! I came to this video to help stop hitting behind the ball, and came away with that bonus. Thanks.

topneorej says:

Who else thought there was some sort of practice tool laying in the grass behind the guy? Yes, I mean the logo XD

topneorej says:

The most frustrating shot in golf is a shank.

Kelly Jones says:

Clay….great video. Are there other drills to prevent the scoop motion/chicken wing?

Ben Akada says:

Wow, just took this advice to the range and have never had such great contact with the ball. Thanks for the great video. Subscribed!

Shawn Bartley says:

I love you mannnnnn!!! Good stuff!

JayeHK says:

There's one more reason people chunk: weight too much on the front of the feet. As I have learned to keep my left arm straighter, and learned to get my weight onto the back of my right heel in the back swing, I have realised that all this time I have been leaning over the ball too much with my weight towards the front of the feet.

Liam Dureau says:

This video made so much more sense than any other video I've watched. After I watched this I did what you said and now I'm hitting the ball perfectly….. Thanks!!

jordan boltz says:

Great videos, they really help

Adam Fukushima says:

would you do the "secret" with a driver also? Thanks for the videos! Keep them coming!

Chester Micek says:

Two things: a) start your downswing by pushing your hips toward the target and make darn sure that most of your weight is on your target side foot before you hit the ball, b) glue a sponge to the handle side of an old driver shaft, stick the shaft into the ground, put your new "impact gizmo in the middle of your stance and practice your downswing. Make sure that on every swing, the butt end of the club sticking out from the target side hand, hits the sponge before you release your hands. If you shift your weight and stop flipping, you will stop chili dipping.

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