How To Stop Rushing The Downswing

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Here's how to stop rushing the downswing…
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I want to talk about tempo, what that means, how you can fix your rushing the downswing, and why that's causing you problems.

When we're talking about rushing the downswing, or tempo and sequence here, I see that pop up most often with golfers specifically from the top of the backswing to the downswing portion.

There are a lot of great golfers who swing at different tempos. This video is not meant to say that you need to swing very slow, or very fast, or somewhere in the middle. I see people play their best golf sort of swinging and playing at a tempo that they naturally use.

For instance, I'm a bit more of a faster talker, and a fast-paced person in general. I would swing with a quicker tempo.

Someone who's more sort of la-di-da-di might swing a little bit longer and slower. Like a Freddy Couples is a good example of a guy who's sort of more relaxed, hanging out, and he's sort of a long, slow tempo, versus, say, a Nick Price who might be really short and quick, and just walks and talks faster, like a Lee Trevino type of player.

So, I would say, go with what your normal everyday motion is, but within that quick or slow tempo, there's still acceleration, there's still, what's the timing from the top of the backswing to impact.

And, by far, the biggest issue that I run into is, when you get up to the top of the backswing, a lot of you guys and gals are wanting to rush your arms and hands down in front of you, most specifically.

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Very rarely do I run into problems where someone's body moves too fast. In fact, I can't remember the last time that I was working with someone and I said, “Hey, man, hang on a minute. Your body's opening too quick,” or, “You're rotating too much.” Well, no. That would put you in line with the best golfers in the world who rotate their body the fastest.

The issue, more so, is trying to get the arms and hands down. The tension that you have, really gripping the club tight, and trying to pull the club down in front of you would be a bad recipe for like 99.9% of you golfers here. Watch the video to see my advice.

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Performance Golf Zone says:

How to start your downswing for explosive power:

johnny b says:

This video helped me immensely with my iron accuracy. Subscribed!

Liam Baker says:

Welp I rotate my hips to quick. Could you make a video on the correct hip sequence, and or drills for players that spin their hips.

Rodney Blackwell says:

When i try to use my body more i seem to slice or pull more.

유상은 says:

I'm from Korean. Thanks a lot for your lesson. I'm always wanted more driver.

ck lee says:

Thanks…..this is so relevant to me.

Timothy Daniels says:

Great lesson! You can really see the big muscles dragging the clubhead into impact.

Wesley Walraeve says:

I have the opposite, my legs and hips are firing too fast, my upper body and arms are coming behind. So I got disconnected and hit around the bal.
Any ideas?

2endsformacircle says:

Thanks for reinforcing that. I just recently made this breakthrough at the range this week. Still working on not rushing my arms and hands on the downswing.

John Lo says:

Dude I appreciate your honesty of the swing! There are too many fonys out there trying to sell there methods and yet you executed the drill so systematically easy to understand cheers bless you and family bud

Steve Harding says:

Darn,I have been practicing the opposite of this which I saw on another channel.Arms coming down first and then moving through with the body.

Phil Manning says:

Keen to try this, but I'm worried that I will swing even more out to in than I do at the moment?

Bobby says:

Thanks man,I've been struggling with "swinging from the top"all of my life will give this a shot .great video

David Bozic says:

Great video. I like the 'Hogan' stance. To slow down my thru swing I conscientiously think about my left knee rotating in a circle to begin the downswing.

Henry McKenna says:

And yet, keep your head behind the ball, and keeping your eyes on the ball, right.?

Joseph Veltri says:

Great lesson. Very clear.

Tiger Scott says:

This makes me do shanks a lot

chubby chequer says:

My first movement is a squat into my right leg and a turn of my left leg and knee.. is that ok

Leipe Resyub says:

I really like kind of "openness" in the way Eric shares his knowledge that he virtually leaves nothing left for his audience to think about the swing thoughts that he imparted other than apply them to improve their game. Great golf teacher this guy! Phil B. from Vancouver

Mike Northern says:

Great video lesson. I love the thought feel like you leave the club up top and turn first. Well done.

Hman0601 says:

Before I watched this video after all these years I tried this and p shot the best round of golf in my life last week. This video has just been saved in my files!!!
Great JOB!!!!!

Gladys Suares López de De Martis says:

Thanks a lot for the lesson about rushing in the downswing. Success in everything good you want to do Eric. el negro Walter Jose De Martis Suares. From Chacarilla del Estanque San Borja Lima Peru.

Dave Bateman says:

Is this for mid handicappers as well

The Weekend Hack says:

Great video. I struggle with this

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