How to Stop Shanking the Golf Ball

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A lot of golfers have run into this issue at some point during their careers and it can really leave some scar tissue. Sometimes there isn't really anything wrong with your golf swing. Here are three great tips to get you off the hosel and back down the fairway again hitting long and straight golf shots!

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Charles Keller says:

Steve, to fix the shanks I take all the stuff in my right pocket and move it to my left pocket.

Jaime Gaskin says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin had trouble from time to time with this. His timing opening and closing the club face with the wrists combined with shaping the ball would be challenging to be consistent.

Seamus Toomey says:

Hi Steve, in my experience thankfully the shanks is not an issue. I have seen many people suffer from them, some stand too close to the ball, some never release the club head, some try to play a fade from a closed stance and some just hit down too hard on the ball especially on hard ground, their hands get way too far forward. Would you say it would be hard to shank the ball with your hands level or even slightly behind the ball. Love the videos, I crave driver videos

Ron Rund says:

Good content, terrible audio.

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