How to Stop Swinging Over the Top

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Adam Grym says:

again, Danny Moude is a natural golf instructor, eloquent and very constructive. Very, very impressive! Thank you!

G Meulemans says:

Danny, static to dynamic flow, thanks!!

Dave says:

Very helpful you explain this fault very well can’t wait to get to the practice area to try your tips

Gustavo Fava says:

Hi Danny!!!!. I just wanted to say thanks you, this video is awesome!!!!

9zhivago says:

Before this video, not coming over the top was as likely as me taking a divot, which is to say it was basically impossible. This video clearly explained what I should be trying to accomplish. Voila! I'm on the right track to hitting the ball from the inside. Thanks, Danny.

Tribal Warlord says:

Hi, Danny from India. It is like watching Pete Cowen free of charge. Thank you Danny for the wonderful free videos. For many of us your videos are the only decent golf lessons we could access.

jules hughes says:

hi Danny, ty for the great vlog , my question is if that's ok is , what ever I do I cant stop coming over the top with a driver , I'm 5ft 7 and struggle with the length of my driver and slice it everytime , so I use my 3 wood , I thought I'd be clever and use a 3 wood shaft in my driver but nope still do it , I play off 9 and if only I could hit my driver I feel I could have the opportunity of getting lower, please help …. julian

haydn maxwell says:

Great video. Will try these ideas on the range this weekend. Many thanks

David Pritchard says:

Hi Danny :I suffer with the over the top swing, I'm trying to get a go to shot (fade), but this can some times turn into a bullet straight left (pull I guess), or a bid slice. Id love to send a video of swing but can't find your e-mail.

Jimbo Sidney says:

My over the top is caused by body lifting slightly at end of turn. On video hands now start from nearer the ball. Can’t work out how to stop it

ck lee says:

Very good lesson especially on the left shoulder/arm connection. Will try it out .

The Dreamer says:

Very good Danny….cheers!

Martin Lillis says:

Really well thought out and delivered. Very good

Eric calaway says:

One of the easiest and best explanations of the swing I have found on the internet. Great video!

Steven Michael Hunter says:

I love the way you engage your audience, simple, precise and so informative. I am now an ardent subscriber. Thank you.

GabrielRomantiko says:

Danny , on one of your videos on building lag, you explain the downswing differently. You say that the hip needs to start rotating first then the arms. I’m confused.

paul woolnough says:

Great video Danny, over the top is one of many of faults that creep into my game.
I will try to ingrain your advice into my brain lol.
However that shot you took that flew into the thick rough/hedgerow i have perfected that like a boss.
If you need any advice on how to do that consistently i`m your man 🙂

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