How To Stop Topping Your 3 Wood From The Fairway (STOP DOING THIS!)

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How To Stop Topping Your 3 Wood From The Fairway:



Scratch Golf Academy says:

Leave me a comment about this video please.
Best, Adam

1cleandude says:

Great lesson Adam thanks for your time and expertise!

Larry Litzgerald says:

Your channel has helped me take 11 strokes off of my game, (I’m a novice by the way) absolutely love it!

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Where are you located?

VMSHack says:

As you put it I struggle because I am “full width” at the ball. I am working on it but as for now I just deal with it and adjust for it with ball placement. That why the question about long irons.

VMSHack says:

I am very new to playing golf. I am enjoying it but like all beginners I obviously struggle. What are the effects of the ball too far back in the stance…especially long irons? Love your videos, breaks thing down simply thanks

Timothy Daniels says:

In December it’ll be time for a lesson with Adam at Mediterra.

Dumpsite Digger says:

Thanks Adam …

Christopher Wilson says:

with my woods, what works for me is the take away. I start my hips rotating first which then pulls the club from the starting point on a shallower plane than my irons. I can't tell you what happens in reality but I make better contact and better follow through doing this.

Daniel Janyja says:

Attention senior golfers: loft is your friend. Leave your 3 wood at home; donate it to The First Tee; trade it for another club or some balls! As a senior golfer, off the turf, my swing speed doesn't produce enough height or distance with a 15 degree 3 wood even if struck perfectly; I hit my Callaway Fusion 5 wood farther. BTW Justin Rose's WITB said his fairway wood is 16.5 degrees(4 wood).

Sachin shrivastava says:

Sir our lead arm should be straight at the time of address ?

Mark Riggs says:

Can you use that shallow angle approach also with the irons, or is that not a good idea? Thank you, love your teaching.

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