How To Strike Your Irons Pure Like A Tour Pro (Use These 3 Drills)

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Do you want to pure your irons like a tour pro? Watch this…

Are you tired of hitting it fat, thin, toed, heeled, maybe even a shank?

Today you're going to find the best way to pure those irons, get some distance back in there, and hit them straight, high, and knock down some flagsticks.

Matt Walter, PGA Teaching Professional at Vanderbilt Legends Club shows us how.

We're going to get you hitting your irons the best you ever have. I have three drills that we're going to do today, all of which are going to help you find the center of the club face with your irons the best way possible.

So, let's talk about what happens when you hit a good iron shot. What are we looking for, dynamically, at impact? So, when we hit a good iron shot, it should be ball-first contact, and the club head should be traveling down, still, as it contacts the golf ball.

So, our divots are actually taking place after the ball, three to four inches after the ball, and not before the ball or at the golf ball.

So, if you want to hit your irons pure, we have to be able to ensure that we're hitting the golf ball first, the club head's still going down, and catches the golf ball with the divot just past the ball, and going through the shot.

Now, just because I said the club head is going down doesn't mean your arms are going down, but the club head is still traveling down. Also, at impact, we want some shaft lean, right? We want to have our hands in front of the golf ball.

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That's the Holy Grail of golf shots everybody talks about. “I've got to have more shaft lean.”

Well, today's drills are going to help you achieve that, and it's not going to be in the ways you might think, where you're actually going to focus on shaft lean.

We're going to do it by focusing on some other drills that are going to bring it in because you have to have shaft lean to hit the shots the way you want. The first drill uses a towel…

Watch the video to see all 3 drills, and start puring those irons.

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Performance Golf says:

NEXT – Create more lag using this "step drill":

Lori Meyers says:

The third drill, the step drill, has destroyed my soul. I have now developed an atrocious habit of stepping forward and towards the golf ball just as I’m at the top of the swing, ready to downswing. At address, the ball is centered between my feet, but at impact my feet are angled 45* to the right of the target. It’s almost like this drill gave me the yips or something. Ball striking is ok, but could be better if I stopped stepping!!!!!

Justin Schmotter says:

Great video.

kyle says:

Don’t like the second drill. If you’re falling all over the place it’s probably because you’re using your arms too much. When my set up is correct and and I take the club away about 75% with my hip turn I finish up right with hips to the target. When I’m taking it back with my arms I’m falling all over the place in the follow through.

Bruce Ford says:

I know and have used all these drills and variants of same. NEVER have i had the execution and purpose explained this well. Maybe one of the most useful golf videos made.

New normadic says:

I see what you did there. Upper, middle, lower. It's all about the towel.

Rick Williams says:

You are good. Thank you

adfasd says:

dose this work for long irons?

Jon Sprekelmeyer says:

I am by no means a great golfer, but I was better than a bogey golfer, and then the wheels came off and my swing went to s#*!- I became so disconnected. This is really helping thank you.

Fred says:

I just got to bump this up again

Roland Olliff says:

3 or 4 inches past the ball!

Michael Vela says:

Simple to follow and I can share with my wife too!

Robert Cress says:

Very good drill, thanks

Michael Goldman #2 says:

Great drills for balance, I an WAS a single digit hdcp senior man who has Parkington’s.
Was going to try one plane swing but, my golf club is pretty hilly.
So, to balance drills should be helpful. Thanks

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