How To Swing A Golf Club BETTER With This MIRACLE Drill (works every time)

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How to swing a golf club better with a simple golf swing feel that you can use at home or on the course. This is perfect for any golfer included a senior swing to get the effortless golf swing power and golf swing release for consistency. Improve ball striking with these online golf tips.

This one golf swing drill helps every golfer improve their golf swing instantly. To add faster clubhead speed and natural golf swing lag without force or effort. It will help the golf swing sequence a lot too.

All you need to do is swing the club upside down and with your lead arm only. It should add flow to your backswing allowing your core to wind up and not make a big backswing turn or rotation.

The whip back and through is the feel you want. This is what the tour pros do, but so can you if you know how to swing a golf club correctly with less effort and allow the weight of the club, the wrists to hinge and allow flow and tempo.

With progressions such as using the club regular way round, then adding both hands to your golf grip, provides steps to build this into your golf swing permanently.

We also touch on the simple golf swing tenant of staying centered and utilize the feet together golf swing drill to add onto this superior feel that will help an effortless golf swing.

If you are wondering how to swing a golf club better and are frustrated, this golf lesson and tips will help you today.

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0:00 How to swing a golf club
2:00 why you get stuck through hitting the golf ball
4:00 The best drill for wrists in the golf swing
5:00 How to release the golf club
7:30 Stay centered rotation golf swing


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Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf gives you a simple golf tip to improve your golf swing Enjoy this golf video to help you get closer to having a perfect golf swing.. YOUR perfect golf swing


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The Art of Simple Golf says:

Are you overcomplicating the golf swing? Do you feel tight through the ball and struggle to release? This drill is so easy but it works every time! Let me know below and I appreciate every one of you. Like, share, subscribe!

J Grudenic's Trumpet says:

Great drill, going to use as a warm up. Thank you.

Stan Diorio says:

Still never clear, I've tried it several different ways. What brings the speed the left hand, or both hands together…you can't get real speed with just the left hand alone.

Jack Gallagher says:

This drill will have the unfortunate side effect of encouraging you to flip your hands at the ball, resulting in a parabolic ball flight without much power to withstand windy conditions.

Ian Rawlings says:

NOT IN MY LIVING ROOM! Smack the ceiling, divots in the floor?

Robert Court says:

If you watch Annika, she has that release pattern down so well. She's never been the biggest hitter but even at 51 after 13 years off she's still better than her peers!

Glenn Braiden says:

Alex Man…….my handicap has come down from 23 to 16 in 18 months from watching your tuition vids…….I've just hit an 82 (at Slinfold GC in Sussex) for 42pts and been cut another 2 to 14!!! And what's more important is that all the tension has gone from my game, I'm enjoying every swing ….and every round ….good or bad! I cannot thank you enough, I'm 60 this year……'re never too old to learn !

Tim Hanna says:

I'm the epitome of to many swing thoughts. Drives me nuts.

Russ Quick says:

Another great look Alex with simplicity. How much weight do leave on your lead foot going back and how much goes to the right heel? Do you feel an aggressive amount to your left foot or heel before you start down? Be good.-Russ

Ron hudson says:

Nice, nice tip , thx.

Chris Snape says:

We have spoken before I am waiting for a new hip and have back issues, 23 years of rugby. Anyway I go to the range once a week and my wife did a fee videos of me. I am pleased to report I do hinge at both ends. Your tips have been invaluable I only watch you and Danny Maude. I understand what you are saying keep up the great work, from Canada the gold medal 200 meter champion Andrea Degrasse he just won a half hour ago. A NICE man well deserving

Phillip Smith says:

Good, simple stuff.

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