How To Swing Like Ben Hogan – Gary Player Illustrates Correct Takeaway

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Please observe how close Mr. Player's Left Arm Is Pulled Close To His Right Side Of His Chest At The Top Of The Swing.

While Sitting, Grab The Underneath Portion Of Your Left Upper Arm With The Palm Of Your Right Hand. Now Just Move Your Left Arm From Straight In Front Of You Like A Shake Hand Position And Move It one Foot To The Right.

Now Pull That Left Arm Back In Towards You. Towards The Center Or Inside Of Your Body. Stop And Think About This.

Watch Mr. Player Again. Go To The Top Of Your Swing And Bump Your Weight To Your Left Side. A Small Bump. Watch How The Tip Of Your Left Shoulder Works With Your Left Hip.


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Reid Sheftall says:

It is so interesting to hear an instructor talk about this… I discovered it on my own when I got tired of drawing the ball with my irons which will kill you at the higher levels of golf. I missed greens when I had hit the ball flush.. then I looked at Bruce Lietzke, Hale Irwin, and Moe Norman hit thousands of balls on YouTube, internalized it and went out the next day and started hitting a feather fade. I was doing this inside figure eight without knowing it (after I watched those great players hit ). If i am ever hitting balls and even one draw creeps in, I hit 5 in a row af these fades immediately. God what a difference in my greens hit percentage; from 13 to more than 15 per round… and I dropped 2 strokes per round in tournament average after a month of playing…

Padraig Maclochlainn says:

Get well soon Billy, enjoying and learning still after 40 years playing this wonderful game, keep up the good work.

David Kemp says:

Glad you are better. It's tough stuff going on. Good to see you and Mr Player and the takeaway. I really liked the way you pointed out how he positioned himself on the outer rail and stressed being inside, also the connected left shoulder and arm and rotation. This sets up concentric circles, right? Thank you Mr Martin

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