How to tell if your club face is square!

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Robert Brusell English guitarist & singer says:

Excellent video!! I mark a red cross (St. George for England) on my golf balls to help me with alignment when playing on the golf course.

Alex Graham says:

Great video!!! If 90% of instructional videos were just about this topic alone, the average handicap would drop by 10 strokes in less than a year. It's obvious by how many views there are of this video after over 8 months that people still dont get what really allows you to develop a great golf swing. Oh well, guess those of us who know how important alignment is can keep looking like we are something special and have more talent than everyone else.

S O says:

Excellent! Just what I needed to help me with my alignment.

Spencer Clark says:

Love this! Thanks?

Christopher Acker says:

Great vid, enjoy your students GM golf n Zac Radford, hope to see them in the pro ranks soon!

Nick D says:

Super clear video, thanks Mike.

Can you help me understand how to make better contact with uphill lies. I always seem to hit the ground too early!!

Doug Ruble says:

Hey Mike. Will this drill work with a driver? You know how much help I need with driver face alignment.

CRope4clemson says:

Do you end up adjusting the station after every few shots? It seems like after a few shots, you would need to move the line between your feet back to get away from the divots.

Kevin Crosson says:

What is the best drill to ensure that your swinging on plane?

Zac Radford says:

Love this mate!

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