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Senior Golf Swing System

Fresh Start Putting
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This weeks impact show is all about putting with special guest Derek Uyeda. We show you how to read the putt and practice your start line. With the help of a putting plate you can help train a more consistent read and putting stroke.

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tht1guy23 says:

yo ima b real wit u fam; u shoud be takin notes from me yuh dig?

Robert McCarthy says:

Excellent advice. Thanks.

Grant Whitcomb says:

Guys…where can I find those belts?

Braam Botha says:

I understand this device as a training aid for those who can not hit the starting line but used before rounds for a better player is a waist of $$$ find a flat spot on the practice green put a tee down putt from a foot away if you can roll the ball Directly into the tee i just saved you $$$$ also to find out if your missing left or right your answer is which side of the tee is the ball hitting. If a great portion of the balls mass is to the right your pushing if its to the left your pulling for a right handed putter vice versa for left. The real question is can you roll a ball to your intended line without manipulation. Students can become experts at perfecting training aid skills but not understanding how these skills flow in a natural proportionate sequence during the golf swing.

1myhugedick says:

I'm kinda new at this but won't golf courses frown upon you sticking tees in their practice greens??

Phil Hyde says:

Excellent idea's for feedback on putting drills.

TheSideburno says:

I love these guys, when I'm regularly watching I play much better.

Søren says:

I need an important element to this, Ball speed. Om the Tour ull see the direct Line and the lag Line, so therefor this question. Even tho you missed every putt, who/what determines if you under read the put or just didnt hit it hard enough?? The very first putt, id say, just hit it a bit harder. Is it the Factor that you wont Roll more than those 14 inches past the whole, Or your regular speed??
I heard somewhere, never go low off the hole, then it didnt have the chance to go in, but again, is it under read or going too slow?
Depending of the distance of the putt ull have to hit it harder too.

h3ll0gudbye says:

Putting is definitely my achilles heel, in golf.

Kieran Law says:

That's a great drill with three tees that I will do on every putting green now.

Christopher Waters says:

If you need this video to putt better you are in trouble.

GolfHI says:

I'm single digit player and for decades I've been looking for some way to better understand reading greens. I've spent countless hours on the putting green only gaining a better sense of my stroke alignment and the speed of that particular practice green (which may change the next day I play). But after watching this video, I wish I could have used this "back in the day"; the feedback from your initial reading is an eye opener. Definitely considering this product.



Angus says:

Andy mostly plays… makes you wonder why pirere, piers, piss, purrs is even getting involved.
Andy is the golfer

Eoghan Greene says:

Great advice. One of your best

Robin Matthews-Williams says:

More like how to train two TOOLS how to dress like each other and give you misleading information on a load of bollocks that won’t work for your game.

masterofUYO ! says:

almost made a believer out of me, it was that randomness comment and 4 misses that brought me back to line is luck. grass isn't flat. distance control is the name of the game. always pick a line and work on putting straight though

Maximilian Kim-Kostarev says:

3:15 I thought that was a golf ball in the background

Truth Defender says:

Christmas is about Christ not golf

dr3j4k says:

Most useful putting video I've seen… You've got to practice with feedback… Nice ?

Simon Ågren says:

I usually just draw a line on the ball. Use it to aim, and then just focus to start it on that line. You can see if the line wobbles, then you didnt hit it good. One way of doing it

Celeras says:

I like the drill, but you gotta be kidding me with those plates. $100 for 3?! It's a piece of metal with a line on it. Get real!

christopher jones says:

i think this would help people realize that just because you hit the same pace and same line it does not always go the same place. some of the guys i play with think they should make every 10 to 15 footer and get so upset during a round when they miss one. then its like they cant make a putt and they talk all day about how bad they are putting

Henry Mole says:

I've been using the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor. My feedback is the same as Andy's first attempt. You see the visible break and then you make compensations to roll the ball over your visible apex. Actually you need to start the ball (Aim point) much higher than the visible apex. What I find that on most normal breaking putts, the actual aim line is almost twice as high as the visible apex. The way I've been setting up the line on my ball is to extend the visible break apex to the hole. (let's say it's 6" left of the hole.) I then pick a spot 12" left of the hole ( twice the visible break) That's where I put the line on my golf ball lined up at. When I get over the ball, I then just have to commit to starting the ball on that line. It never get's there as gravity pulls my ball over the visible apex. I've been making more putts and the ones I miss are usually on the high side now with an easy tap in. Usually, on fast greens, if you miss low the ball tends to really drop off a considerable distance from the hole. The ones missed on the high side are usually tap ins. Summary, look at visible break, double the distance at the hole and use that as your aim point….

Michael Dube says:

This video will help alot

James Carter says:

That is an excellent video. Thank you

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