How to use a Driver – Golf Lessons with Topgolf

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Improve your driving accuracy and distance with these simple tactics.

Using a driver brings both joy and agony, but for most of us the latter is a common emotion. Using a driver is not simple, the length and club head require players to alter their stance and swing. But don't worry, our PGA team are here to make your tee experience less daunting.


artetampo says:

Que mal swing, pesimo

Savoc says:

Thank you. I hit it to the very last target.

RW says:

Popping at top golf currently watching this

STL Native says:

Perfect quick straight to the point I fucking love it 😍 thank you πŸ™πŸ½.

That M3talhead says:

This should help me tremendously I was setting up completely wrong. Had the ball in the middle. Welp I'll find out tomorrow with my brothers

Daniel Hensley says:

Thank you for trying sir, but golf is simply the worst sport in the world and if you’re good at it you are a loser. Hence why I miss the ball every swing.

Fighter J says:

This is really good I loved it

Robert Harvey says:

rutgers coach topgolf

Robert Harvey says:

rutgers university topgolf stadium

Justin Goodall says:

Lower your score? πŸ˜‚

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