How to use a Driver – Golf Lessons with Topgolf

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artetampo says:

Que mal swing, pesimo

Savoc says:

Thank you. I hit it to the very last target.

RW says:

Popping at top golf currently watching this

STL Native says:

Perfect quick straight to the point I fucking love it 😍 thank you πŸ™πŸ½.

That M3talhead says:

This should help me tremendously I was setting up completely wrong. Had the ball in the middle. Welp I'll find out tomorrow with my brothers

Daniel Hensley says:

Thank you for trying sir, but golf is simply the worst sport in the world and if you’re good at it you are a loser. Hence why I miss the ball every swing.

Fighter J says:

This is really good I loved it

Robert Harvey says:

rutgers coach topgolf

Robert Harvey says:

rutgers university topgolf stadium

Justin Goodall says:

Lower your score? πŸ˜‚

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