How to Use a Whippy Club Such as SKLZ Gold Flex or Orange Whip

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See Dee says:

Thanks for the video, confirms that I’m using this trainer correctly. Also helps me when there’s snow on the ground or it’s a rainy May weekend and I want to practice my swing indoors ??

Stephen Kennedy says:

Just bought one of these, nice tool to warmup with. Price very good

patrick kennedy says:

to brewster102  baighly  sells the same thing on amazon for 25 dollars gets even cheaper and thiers work just as well

patrick kennedy says:

here is what this guy  FORGOT to tell every one, after swinging this training aid  YOU MUST wait 10 to 15 minutes  before you hit balls  , your BODY needs to re adjust , if you do not wait you will start off swinging to fast and out of controle………….

Eric Stenzel says:

Your "grass" range Mike is quite common to most. Little grass and little watering. Crappy grass ranges do more harm than matted ranges. Wise up and respect your customers.

kevinerosa says:

I use this and the swyngyide together. I usually feel like a fool but it has helped me stop shanking the ball. Ive been golfing for a month and I dont hit it far yet but my swing keeps getting better.

Glenn Watson says:

I bought the Sklz five months ago and my game has improved. I have had lesson and a lot of practice but thats nothing new. The only new variable is the Sklz. My swing is faster and my distance is greater. I have a better turn and my left arm is straighter, though not completely straight yet.

On the other had, I have experienced significant pain in my left hand and wrist that might have been caused by the strain put on it due to the Sklz. Stretch your hands and wrists a bit before you use it.

Tony Tanti says:

Vijay actually hits balls with his

Bunker Hunter says:

Thanks for the tip!

Travis New says:

You get what you buy the gold flex seems good but will not last as long as the ? whip.

Milos Milosevic says:

This is just superb, I've been looking for "how to improve putting skills" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

brewster102 says:

SKLZ trainer–$ 37 Orange Whp $ 110 on Amazon—gee, I wonder which one to buy?

Craig Hocknull Golf says:

Check out the Saber Golf Trainer to help you with your strength, speed, timing and technique.

Scott Petermann says:

Ive read much conflicting information about swing aids that are heavy vs swinging a driver shaft with no driver head to create club head speed. I bought this exact thing and Im getting it this week to see if it improves my swing. Im single handicap "8" but still have my issues. I know it will make your clubs feel very light after swinging this heavy thing. NOW physics tell me if muscles and brain are used to something heavier when turning in a golf swing, that you should be able to swing faster or more effortlessly feeling and hit ball just as far. I swung a driver shaft the other day and it destroyed my rhythm on my irons driver etc…. It made my clubs feel like rocks on the end of a shaft. I read a blog by Jason Day who said dont swing heavy club trainers. They will make you swing slower. Swing light to swing faster. Thoughts?

Coby B says:

These golf swing secrets “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it) have given me a grasp not only on the how, but the why of the different aspects of a good golf swing. Right after reading the book 2 times, I was able to achieve Twenty-five more yards on my driver, and also 15 more yards on irons. My enjoyment of golf has doubled and my confidence has increased.

Ryan says:

why does sklz knock off products so much?

Gray Smith says:

great video! subscribed. Question: do you recommend the 48in or 40in for 5'10" male? Thanks!

Barry Cole says:

Finally someone showing me how this works. Promo vids dont really help, and there are no instructions on exactly how you should be using it that i can find online. I guess once i get it i will understand more but wanted to know more before i bought it. Thanks

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