How to Use the Sure-Set

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Thank you for your recent purchase of the Sure-Set training aid. This video will show you how to set yourself up for success with instruction from the inventor, Dan Frost, and golf instructor, Martin Hall.


Danny Robinson says:

Are these available for left handed players ??

TheFattiShow says:

I just bought the Sure Set og looking forward to getting it. But does it work on lefties right out of the box? When I ordered it, there wasn't any box to tick for left or right hand. So I really hope someone here could tell me if it works right out of the box…

Gregory Lynn says:

Downswing ?

Dom's Vibranium Bicep says:

Just purchased it and it making me feel the old muscles in the back for the proper swing

Luis Ramirez says:

hello, just ready to use it, i agree to be open to the new feeling of the swing…

Defins69 says:

My arms aren't long enough for this.

cesar alvarez says:

Just bought one

Golf Training Aids says:

Soon to be available at GolfTrainingAids.Com!!

Secret C says:

more like Sure-Shite! amirite? up top ✋

colemackay2 says:

I purchased one and it was defective, it wouldn't lock in either position. As they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, I returned it for a replacement. They wouldn't honor the guarantee because I did not get 'approval' from their customer service department to return the product (why you need approval if there is a 100% guarantee was never explained). So rather than send me a replacement, they repackaged the defective product that I had returned and sent it back to me. Brilliant! No common sense and certainly no care or concern for customer satisfaction.

David Thompson says:

between the two of you you've made , and most important for me , and have explained ( with some great little pointers ) the way to get the best from this training aid .

Jim Orr says:

Can’t order one for the United States?

Boppie H says:

Looks like it might cause a cupped wrist at top and 1/2 way down

Radziah Noordin says:

Iam in singapore, where can i buy it. Thank you.

James Dale Copeland says:

The golf in sync is the same concept, and you can actually hit balls with it.

Kurt Mathews Atheists says:

Looks like a helpful tool. Considering, but the price point is a bit on the outside for me. Great job.

Swift chopper says:

Wow my pet snake smiled watching this!

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