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See what you can learn from Roger Federer's backhand to improve your impact position and release! Gain more distance and hit the ball more consistently with this concept!


Brad Tilitzky says:

love the distance and compression i can get with this stronger grip but i fight the face rotating closed and hooking it all over the lot

slc5245 says:

Hi Shawn, when you talk about "closing the face" you mean using a stronger grip for the lead hand correct? If so, is it advisable to have a strong lead hand grip with a neutral trail hand grip? Thanks!

Brad Morris says:

Nobody demonstrates this better than Phil. Do a search for photos of him after he has hit a shot and notice how his clubs are generally shut down as he stands there watching the shot.  A lot of other pros as well.

mark pincus says:

how does this differ from impact snap teaching. they advertise bowed left wrist. I think?

Roger Savard says:

Excellent as always !

Ali D says:

Wow Shawn…incroyable…so simple. I know what to work on from now. Thank you so much. I really enjoy your instructions.

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

If we want to look all the rainbow colours ? Most common tennis serve grip is continental (neutral) grip and same is in badminton. Actually some call tennis continental grip also hammer grip, because we don't want to play with frying pan ? Very easy to mix these ?

TheFenix800 says:

Great teaching as always ???
Thanks a lot Shawn

Dave Parker says:

Here's an observation that just jumped out at me as I watched this. I'm right handed in all sports. With my golf swing I like my lead left hand to be in charge. I've played squash quite a bit and if I put my racquet in my left hand and try to play backhands down the wall "Ala Perpetual Motion drill". I can't do it very well, it feels very foreign to me. To get a single shot "perfect" I have to set up very particularly and concentrate really hard. If the ball comes back perfectly I can hit another one but any minor deviation throws me completely out of sequence and my brain can't react quickly enough to the new information to make the corrections. So maybe if I was more ambidextrous in this kind of motion my brain would cope better when thing's aren't quite perfect. Haven't seen many pro's who can't turn the club head down and play an emergency shot from there opposite side. Hmm ?

martin goldner says:

Hi Shawn,

Just a quick question on grip. In this video you seem to be saying to use a nutral grip and close the club face in anticipation of leading through the ball with the club face square, in other videos you have recommended using a strong grip. Are you now saying it is better to be nutral and change the club face to match the shot, or change the grip from slightly waeker for a fade to stronger for a draw, or does it not matter as long as your set up and focus remain on the shot and target?

Thanks Martin

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

I understand what you mean ? However in the dowswing sword is not rotating before or through impact ( right hand palm is facing front hole time) with golf club your right hand is rotating before impact. ( right hand is facing front and then to target) Well atleast to me it looks like that and i think that can make people also forcing and try hold lag too long. Great video and i hope that you understand what i mean. Not evebody is casting early ??

themonkeylittle says:

Hi Shawn, so can I say basically you have a different opinion than Clay Ballard about the wrist bowing at impact? He advises bowing. Also if I remember correctly, Tiger said in an interview that he used to bow at impact but now he stopped doing it. Thanks like always.

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

Best explanation I've heard of this concept. I have a relatively neutral grip and somehow manage to square the face and don't feel like I'm making any different move. How does one lead with the hands and square the face without the strong grip? Is it possible I get my body open enough? Thanks.

Charles Grumbling says:

Change the implement to the anatomy, not the other way around so much Bad info out their. Shawn you have experience in sports,  unlike the other instructors claiming but not understanding what's really going on in the technique!

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