I bought a FAKE golf club from WISH……SHOCKING RESULTS

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I bought a FAKE golf club from WISH.COM

The TaylorMade Golf M5 & M6 drivers have been super successful and have been in the golf bags of PGA Tour winners, European Tour winners and the world’s best golfer including; Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Jason Day & Dustin Johnson.

In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional puts the TaylorMade Golf M6 driver up against a FAKE one that he bought from Wish.com

Will the fake golf driver from wish.com perform as well as the real TaylorMade M6 driver? Rick tests the driver on the golf course at The Marriott Worsley Park Golf & Country club and uses Titleist Pro V1 golf balls on his GC Quad launch monitor. Rick normally hits a golf driver in the region of 280 yards – 300 yards. How far will the fake TaylorMade M6 driver from Wish.com go?


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

You really NEED to watch till the end ?

J J says:

I just discovered your videos, very enjoyable. It's sad for people who have bought this fake club, if the club at least hit the ball straight and it was constructed properly it "might" have not been a complete rip off. Thanks for testing it and the advice, I'm new to golf and you've probably saved me money/heartache/frustration.

Kevin Shang says:

In china it’s actually only 60 pounds. Wish is expensive because you’re getting fake nonsense. But I don’t see it hurting if you’re a beginner and need something to just get started. Also fake Scotty Cameron’s. To a 20 handicap whether they have a kiddies putter or a phantom x. Won’t matter. So I think 60 pounds for a fake m6 that persons the way it does is not bad.

Tommy Rad says:

Just one more swing and the club head would have traveled further [and straighter] than the balls. LMAO

Steve Kang says:

Shaft makes the difference

Steve Kang says:

You should use your shaft on the fake

Logan Fulton says:

Why does that genuinely sound like my driver…

xvideos .d0990 says:

Was anyone wishing the head would go flying on the first try? Haha

rfc 6486 says:

Great watch!!

Ron Harris says:

Blocks three drives right with the fake on purpose. Laughs. Complains.

too many a**holes not enough bullets says:

I was waiting for the head too fly off into the bushes on the left when you struck that with the fake


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every good wish

Ryan P says:

Why is everyone on YouTube British?

Athena Lor says:

“That sounded disgusting” ?

spencer ray says:

The sad thing is I would still take that driver.

Eric Ulivarri says:

I hate to say that your swing was the reason for the left an going left shots you hit. The performance im sure is sub standard but your swing is is easily worse than the club!

11Educate says:

Cat is out of the bag, end is scary 🙂 You don't want that clubhead land on someone's head… That would be a court case…

Zach Dixon says:

Convinced that the only safe way to buy clubs will be at a pro shop

Pequod Express says:

But a GBP90 SET of Chinese-made beginner clubs will play surprisingly well enough for 80% of recreational golfers.

Steve Davey Business Broker says:

Have always wanted acscottie cameron putter

Garner Anderson says:

I hope he knows it’s supposed to be fake

lymanmj says:

The title of this video references "SHOCKING RESULTS". Excuse me, Rick – what's "shocking" here? You quickly figured out after unwrapping the club that it was a fake. It performed like a fake. Where's the "shock" here?

I guess using the word "SHOCKING" gains you more clicks…

andycharger says:

Are you telling me you bought a driver off wish for a third of the going rate of a real one and it was fake? Slow down egg head!

Caemen Studios says:

I have been playing golf for approximately twenty years, unable to break Ninety. 3-4 years back, I could not get an exceptional round but that was before I read through the golf swing techniques. My irons are not that good. I could manage driver properly but could only reach a restricted range.. You can find this book by Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
Take care

Zahktuthal Xalyrion says:

Something I've actually discovered is this: Sometimes, branded items on Wish are genuine but failed the quality tests. It was a product that the company itself wouldn't sell, so someone else sells it third hand. It's how I got my hand on a $500 Benchmade Infidel for about $20. There was clear damage that wouldn't have passed the quality inspection.

Martin Walker says:

Don’t buy ANYTHING from

Twice I’ve had fraud issues
People buying iPhones in my account and £1k left my PayPal
Only just caught it in time

mason smith says:

Does anyone ever think maybe it’s the golfer and not the club. I could out drive this dude with my 9 iron wish or not. My grandma has a faster swing

Anwar Abdullah says:

2 weeks is lightning speed for wish.com

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