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I couldn't believe how a simple tweak fixes your slice for good! after teaching James he said I COULDN'T STOP MY SLICING MY DRIVER UNTIL I USED THIS DRILL! I have seen this question on how to stop slicing driver, and how to stop slicing your irons cropping up MORE & more and this must mean we get a temporary fix and now a simple golf slice fix like this, I BET THIS FIXES YOUR SLICE FOR GOOD.

PGA Golf professional Alex Elliott shows you how to fix your slice in under 5 minutes, simple TWO part process that is a FIX for good, i know for a fact I COULDN'T STOP SLICING MY DRIVER UNTIL I USED THIS DRILL! this is how to fix your slice for good with irons and driver and a simple way of how a slice is caused

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AlexElliottGolf says:

Simple simple simple!! It’s as easy as these TWO steps follow these and I’d love to know how you get on!

Knsel1 says:

how the hell can this relatively small dude hit the ball so easy, and it flies 300 yards? Can this even be real? I'm way bigger and VERY strong (i actually won an arm wrestling competition in the army where 1000 dudes were competing, so I'm probably in top 5% of men as far as strength) and the most I ever carry was 250 yards, and 90% of the time I only get 220 lol

Christopher Beer says:

Any tips on gaining club head speed with the driver, please?

John lee says:

Great 👍🏼

MrSmashmouth07 says:

ahh man this was a waste

John Dunsmore says:

Hi Alex I'm struggling with closing the face while hitting in to out ,I just can't get the feel.i can swing in to out hit inside of ball but my face is pointing where I hit it ,so straight push.i just can't swing out with closed face,,any tips or could you do a video, I know a lot of golfers struggle with this

CJCubing says:

this is the trick after hundreds that actually helps thank you

Fezpro1 says:

The way you’ve explained and demonstrated this is better than I’ve seen anyone do. You’ve really broken it down in a simple fashion, without getting massively technical. I’m playing later so will give it a go! Thank you.

dr ozone says:

I have struggled one full year with slices or straight to the right; despite lesson several instructors; i did this yesterday and the driver went miraculously straight; bravo young man. Will continue with this concept to make sure it wasnt a fluke lol. Will keep you updated.

orkayen says:

Thanks for the video, Alex. When you address the ball with driver, do you keep the center of the driver head to center of your stance or closer to the ball? The distance between center of the stance to ball position is around 9 inches. The driver head is around 6 inches. So, the distance between the ball to the club face is around 5.5 inches. Do you keep the hip bump and shoulder tilt for all driver swings? If so, does the swing arc change accordingly?

James Ward says:

I watch a lot of Utube golf videos and have tried and continue to use a lot of information I have learned. I want to sum it up for you and would love to hear your comments. I have learned that three things will change everything but the most important is having a square club face at impact. By changing a couple of things you can correct just about anything that is going wrong. The three important things that I have learned are: ball height (driver)…hit on the upswing (sweep versus a swing),…. ball position…slice….., move ball forward, hook… move ball backward, grip and foot postion , in my opinion go together, everything we do tries to correct the club face at impact as you swing around your front leg.. I personally use the single plane golf swing to eliminate a timing issue with the closed or open club face. I have been golfing for about 16 years, am 76 years old, drives are about 210 yards and I consistently hit in the low 90's ( pretty much a bogey player). Putting is the worst part of my game as I have a problem getting low enough to read the greens. I walk as I have had 5 knee replacements and not a lot of mobility and need to exercise my knee to keep it moving.

Enjoy watching your videos and try to incorporate as much as I can but as I said I have consolidated a lot of information.

Hope to hear what you have to say.


Robert Ploth says:

Love this video thats my slice I swing over the top and across the ball. Trying to figure out the fix is difficult on the course. And seeing that down the wall swing to inside out WOW ill let you know how it works out

Teddy Koo says:

So what is the drill? Imagine a wall on your butt?

Ed Redo24 says:

Wow great video! Avid golfer but will use this drill

Simon DaCosta says:

Your football analogy completely clicked with me. Been badly slicing my irons recently and you've fixed it. THANK YOU!

chris schofield says:

This has changed my game, I shot my best ever score today. Hitting fairways makes the game much easier. Thank you! fingers crossed it continues

Matthew Fung says:

I guess i will try this trick out. I always thought it was not getting the left hip to clear or the hands not turning over quickly enough during downswing.

Neil Ralph says:

well all i can say is ill give it a go never been able to hit a draw. usual babe fade with the big slice on occasions . great tips

dave c says:

can you not aid the build-up of creating an inside to outside swing path by allowing your rear foot to withdraw backwards (towards the heel)?
looking to gradually lessen that withdrawal of the rear foot as you gain comfort with the change of swing path.

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