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A big thank you to SimpliSafe for making this video possible! SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here: https://simplisafe.com/paigespiranac.

In today’s video, after a short personal vlog I’m heading to Li’l Wick (the par 3 course at Wickenburg Ranch) for some friendly competition against the man who’s always behind the camera, Steven! If you’re curious what he looks like, this is your chance to find out haha Who will win the match?!

Li’l Wick at Wickenburg Ranch: https://www.wickenburgranch.com/golf/

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Paige Spiranac says:

What did you guys think about this more competitive type vlog? Should I bring more guests on? Also thanks again to SimpliSafe for making this video possible! Check them out here: https://simplisafe.com/paigespiranac

Dan Martin says:

Enjoy the competitive vlogs and particularly enjoyed seeing you two play a par 3 course. If you are ever in the Palm Springs Ca. area, the North Course at Shadow Hills is every bit as nice as Little Wick and somewhat longer with 8 holes that are between 180 and 218 from the tips. We play 18 there in the morning then move to one of the deserts 100+ country club courses and play 18 after lunch. Great way to tune up your short game. Thanks for the vlog on the Wicks…very enjoyable!

Qenomediganqueno Aladella says:

Wich country you're?

Emilio Pedraza says:

She's absolutely gorgeous very pretty

Jake Oppenheim says:

I really liked your competitive video. You a gamer!

MDW8 says:

Paige you need to come to Melbourne and play our world famous sandbelt courses.

encinobalboa says:

The heck with the new LPGA dress code. Go Paige!

Mordy says:

Anyone know where to get his shirt and hat?

Beau Reed says:

Been there and their corn dip is great!

정열맨 says:

날씨도 좋고 ! 굿

Hu Jack says:

Oh~ im so love golf…you know

David thanks says:

Very cool as usual 👍😎! Yeah stay safe! Forget about the nasty stuff coming from jealousy. Still looking to see when you get on tour 😁👍!! Kicking some real azz!! 😀

supaman321123 says:

Isn't she married to that guy?

Mike Wooden says:

I really enjoyed this video. It was good to see some competitiveness in one of your videos. keep it up!

TheAgentcnote says:

Steve maybe needed that glove is in backpocket on 2 haha. Great video!

Rman Nayr says:

GO PAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tootalazaaz says:

It's always cool playing par three's. Especially for a little $ or who's the best. It's tough for hackers like myself. If you mess up your first shot your in big trouble. Like on 500 yard holes you have a couple more swings to get it straight. I have fun win or lose. Great video.

tony belford says:

as a golfer you should know that only the " up " player can be dormie, ie: 2 up with 2 to play, not 2 down with 2 to play

Excavalier Randomness says:


Jay Lang says:

Anyone know what brand of pants the guy was wearing?

#gosalgo gosalgo says:

Way to Go Paige a W

Mike Hawk says:

Jeeeez that longboard has never been rode

pfriderfan says:

6-7 ft. gimmies. Yeah. Right.

Justin Balczak says:

Whats the pricing for Lil Wick? Ive been trying to find a place to bring my girlfriend, we live down in Phoenix.


Far too many gimmes given outside 2 feet

Eric S says:

It’s a pretty sad statement that you have to show your “fans” how robust your home security system is to dissuade them from trying to find it.

matt clarke says:

How much do you charge for lessons? And do you travel to the uk to give them haha

Mark Shiflett says:

Surprised me with a little country music!! I'm a new fan!!

RyRySnipeU says:

course looks so fun!

Kames Nek says:

Definitely keep your private life just that…..private. I do not belong to or post on social media. Be safe!

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