I never liked TaylorMade putters…….

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I never liked TaylorMade putters when I was growing up. But nowadays TaylorMade are a SERIOUS putter company!

I test the latest TaylorMade Spider X putter at St Annes Old Links GC to see how it performs!

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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Q.) What's your favourite putter brand?

Gerdon Karakosta says:

Love this putter. I had a spider tour platinum before, that was a poor design from TM because when the sun is right above you that putter was like a mirror, horrible. Now this copper one , the shape , the feel and the shaft ohhh so much better . Plus it matches with my Ping g400 woods ?. And Rick , I love your reviews , they have a great influence on club choices for me. I would appreciate if we get a review on Miura (cb 501) irons. Keep up the great work ? and thank you.

Aaron Munson says:

Are u putting on a fairway or what?

Justin Scheve says:

I have always been a Scotty Cameron loyalist. However, my cousin has a Spider and a few other people I have played with. They love using them and after seeing their results, I am intrigued!

Jim Saddler says:

Rick, Taylormade Spider putters in the past have a tendency for the paint to chip off of them VERY easily (even with extreme care). Do you know if Taylormade has addressed this with their new Spider X? I know wear and tear always sets in, but for a $350 putter, I wouldn't expect this after just a few rounds. I like the looks of the copper color better on YouTube, but once I used both at the golf shop, I preferred the blue, only because it made the True Path Alignment System stand out even more because of the blue (darker) background vs. the copper.

GoogleIs YourFriend says:

Scottie’s are worth the extra. My TaylorMade Spider Mini was treated like a baby with headcover always used but the paint just fell off. Be wary of Spider Putters!

Don Scheeres says:

Always been a blade style putter player. But lately considered something that inspires a little help or confidence. This could do me well , but for the price i may have to look at a secondhand job…..

Jim Saddler says:

A $500 driver definitely improved my drives: longer, straighter, and much more forgiving. I'm not convinced (yet) that a $350 putter will make me a better putter. Plus, I'm still a "blade putter" guy and not convinced I could make the change visually to this alien-looking thing (although I am very curious). The head cover is quite impressive, but from playing many public golf courses here in the States, I think it is an eye-magnet for thieves, identifying a $350 putter in my bag up for grabs!!!

Jake Lindsay says:

ALWAYS felt like TM was way under rated with putters. Their Kia Ma lineup was really nice and recently their TP lineup is really nice as well.

Michael Proctor says:

Love your videos!

NovaScene says:

Rick, you aware of this channel using ur content?


Young Jin Park says:

i might buy it tomorrow lol

srgfowler says:

I will get a bladed putter from Callaway (Odyssey) for about $150 and it will work better, last longer, and give me more feed back on how I’m hitting the ball.

Brock Clendenin says:

I like my ghost tour black maranello, i hate the new spiders however

Wiger Toods says:

Scotty Cameron’s are given a bad rap for price point, and before I had one, I would tend to agree. But…Scotty does it right. So precise, so good looking, so classic, so pure, so comfortable. As the rest of the market is jacking up their rates, Scottie’s are actually slowly getting ‘more reasonable.’ So there’s my bid for Scotty Cameron. I’d like to hear what y’all think

O. G. says:

I HATE my Scotty Cameron….

LOT4_m1767 says:

How i look at it is that a putter should last you for life and so it’s worth the £300

MrTkeddo says:

Must admit I tried it out and holed everything I wanted to be disappointed with it but it is the best putter I’ve tried and I’ve got to get one someday.

無敵小龜 says:

Sir, I am a student. I want to buy a new putter recently. Is there any good recommendation?

David DeSoto says:

I have wanted a Spider putter since they first came out and I finally got one. It feels so great to putt with. Nice true roll off the face. Always great videos Rick.

Brendan Coughlan says:

What a crap review. Spent more time talking about the color of the head cover than the actual technicalities and feel of the putter itself.

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