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guitartec says:

FOR SALE… I have a vintage electric golfer for sale. It's a motorized wire figurine of a golfer holding a club that continually swings at the ball. The golf ball is tethered so if the golfer makes good contact, the ball spins and returns back to its magnetic base as he winds up for another swing- (not all his swings lead to a good hit).This animated figurine is VERY COOL and is perfect for a Pro golf shop or a golf enthusiasts home. It is amazing and stimulating to watch and can be left on all day, even though I've never done that. This golfer is not being sold on FeeeBay due to thier ridiculously high cost, but you can check my feedback. It’s 100% perfect since 1998.  If you buy it, you'll get it.  Here's a video…


Sorry for any intrusion

cndvd says:

What course ? I played that course on a video game.

Brian says:

I'm really surprised you are not better at golf after being a superstar in baseball.

Ny hiak says:

Kids, Cheating does pay off!

Jose German says:

Dale Arod!!!!!!!!! Love the Channel!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Lancaster says:

how do you top a flop shot lol

Virtual Wellness says:

Great video. Loved seeing Sebastian!


exelente alex

John Fiorvento says:

Wish I liked you this much when you were playing baseball. Love seeing what you’re doing after baseball!!

Lupe Gutierrez says:

Just subscribed! Great video….looks like y’all were having a blast! Look forward to more cool videos!

Paul Duffy says:

Tiger wrote his phone number instead of an autograph for that girl

Max Koljonen says:

But what about your psycho golf clubs?

Mac Anaya says:

The first bag was arods bag,he's club setup Is bizarre especially with that net worth

kevinw627 says:

Bubbas annoying ass.

The Bambino says:

You should play with him AGAIN THIS WEEK because WIFE CHEATER Woods won't be playing The Honda !! He doesn't want ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT ON A TOUGH COURSE like last week at Riviera so he won't play until PIECE OF CAKE Bayhill which he's WON 8 TIMES ! What a PIECE OF SHIT LOSER !!

Sean Liver says:

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at one of their "eyes wide shut" gambling parties lol

Adrianna Garcia says:

Can we have a q and a with Jennifer Lopez

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