I put a downhill shock on a trail bike… – Fox Float X2 Review

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What happens when you put a downhill shock on a trail bike?

This review of the Fox Float X2 shares my opinions on its performance based on using it on my 2016 Giant Trance SX for the past 8 months.
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Grinder !! says:

What’s the spec on that float x2 , trying to find the float x2 that would fit my 140mm rear travel bike. Can’t seem to find one, they are all too big for my frame of 140mm frame. What is the size eye to eye and stroke of that float x2 you are using on that bike?

Geordo1960 says:

I’ve decided to go with a DPX2 instead of the downhill shock (or possibly the Topaz offering on the market.) Your review was very instrumental in helping me make the decision on what I should upgrade to. Thanks! I think this will suit me better but thought it would have been fun to experiment with the Float; your review made the difference as you provided enough information to paint a clear picture.

Geordo1960 says:

Very good how you pointed out the limitations of the shock on the trail bike and goes to show that there are different bikes for different situations. I have over the years accumulated a cross-country bicycle, a trail bicycle, and an enduro bicycle because of the limitations of each but the advantages of each of them is hard to deny as well. I have never ever seen a review where someone tried this before and it makes me extremely curious to put one of these on my trail bicycle. I also have a Trance. With you putting this shock on your trail bicycle It seems you have definitely widened the usefulness or flexibility of the trail bicycle. Though you have much more bang on rough trails with the enduro bicycle you have extended the usefulness of your trail bicycle and it’s better maneuverability , compactness, weight and climbing ability. I would guess as it seems from your video that the shock has not compromised the balance between front and rear suspension ie do you recommend it and will you keep it on the trail bike?

Shane Smith says:

Your commentary was almost poetic. Beautiful review and super informative

Emilia Loreto Medina Salas says:

The Shock is 200×57 or 200×51?. Thanks!

Nathan Tan says:

Hey mate did you have to sand down your top shock mount to fit the x2?

Brett Morgan says:

Hi man what a find I'm thinking of putting one of these on my 2017 Trance Advance, did you need to do anything to fit it or did it bolt straight in? I'm also going to put a set of Fox 36 on the front ???

jenia3dfx says:

What do you think regards putting x2 on jeffsy frame. Frame is knows as very progressive one. I kind of doubt between float x2 and dhx2 coil ?

Darrel Hee says:

Great review, quick but in depth for sure

Johannes Nilsen says:

it looks like you did not have any issues with the adjustment dial, looks promising. sadly there were some horribly flexible frames out there, my 2014 Trek fuel ex 7 29er is a perfect example of this. Is the giant stiff enough? just curious I am more interested in 29ers now.

MrMrRioes says:

Cool Video – i also have a 2018 Float X2. I currently ride it in very muddy conditions and i noticed that the shock makes kind of a bad sound when i compress it…sounds kind of like air/mud is inside the air chamber. I have already sent it to Fox for a service. It was silent for one ride, until the sound returned 🙁 do you also have that sound with your Float X2?

SG - MTB says:

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