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Wedgewood Golf says:

You missed that Wedgewood 7 iron hybrid in the 1st bag you looked at. We'd like to see you try one next time you run across one. Ashley would probably love it. Thanks for the great channel!!

Brian Robinson says:

He loves the shaft

Mary Rymski says:

Ashley missed the John Deer hat, if it was made in USA, sells for $25 or more. Get videos! Thanks…

Javier Ramirez says:

All these finds in one day!!! It would take me months and years to get my hands on this much quality finds at such amazing prices here in south Texas

Jesse Hupko says:

Jon…. Did I see that you had a Velcro wallet?? πŸ™‚


Wow!! The masters chairs are awesome…what a find!!!!

KnS BBQ says:

is there a video of the head cover collection yet?

Malfufi says:

got to work on your go pro footage mate

DannyBoy says:

Woah those hickory clubs are just amazing!! Can't wait to see what you guys do with them! World's greatest putter using the world's oldest putter!?

Also congrats on 90k guys. Next stop 100k! Been here a while and I'm proud of you guys. Thanks for all the awesome content, you guys are crushing it! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Ž

steve clayton says:

Time to do a video series of you playing golf. Bring your dad along with you.

ryan johnson says:

Congratulations on 90k

Jeffery Poppell says:

How can I find and buy the Cleveland iron set you just showed you bought with the grafite shafts in them?

Dylan Moore says:

Making amends for your poor math in the last video by helping someone out with their poor math in this video. You sir, are a stand up guy.

J. Kerr says:

Fun to watch you buying so many clubs, but its been a week since the weather has turned too cold for golf in Michigan and I’m already going through withdrawal symptoms!

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