I was SHOCKED at the result…| Build My Bag | Golf Balls | Vice vs Pro-V1 vs TP5 vs Chrome Soft X

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I was SHOCKED at the result…| Build My Bag | Golf Balls | Vice Pro Plus vs Titleist Pro-V1 vs TaylorMadeTP5 vs Callaway Chrome Soft X

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Question is…was it a hole in one 😊

GinPok says:

Maxfli straight….Neon green matte finish

Stephanie Rayne says:

I randomly grabbed a Taylor Made Soft Select out of my bag last week and played two of my best rounds ever with IT. Yes, 1 ball lasted two rounds. No scuffing/cuts and the best scoring ever. Now I just need to find more of them, as they are not as easy to come by as some of the bigger name balls out there.

Willie Kelty says:

I play VICE and TP5 Pix and also Elixr as well, but in that order…;)

Willie Kelty says:

That's A HOLE IN ONE! I counted one with and my only one with a birdy ball from 50 yards…LOL

James Josh James says:

Success is about focusing Your energy on what creates results and using what you already know

Stephen Woods says:

Vice pro + in US is $27/doz and buy 5 get 6 th dozen free which makes that 21.50/dozen

the1andonlyJEFF says:

I play the vice pro soft. Completely changed my short game. … for the better.

Okorie Ogba says:

This was so good! I really did try all the balls here and so surprised I agree with you. Still love the tp5 tho

Mike M says:

Vice Pro Plus runs between $31-35 USD here in the states. You can buy them online from Amazon and a few other online retailers, or you can even get them from places like Walmart and other sporting goods stores for around the same price. Of course, if you purchase directly from Vice, you can get them as cheap as $20 per dozen if you buy enough.

ProV1, Chromesoft, and TP5 all go for around $50 USD — Vice is by far the best value here state-side.

dbuck89 says:

Got my first ever hole in one with a vice pro plus that I found… went home and immediately ordered 5 dozen

Danger Gravel says:

I’ve got those same shoes and I absolutely love them!

Ty Nickerson says:

Which woods can I find these in?

Larry Yan says:

Callaway is the best ball.

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