Ice Bucket Challenge: U.S. Ryder Cup Team

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gobillygook says:

Wow, i cant believe that bubba didn’t yell at his caddy for pouring the
water the wrong way

Mark Brown says:

Yes awesome way to Support ALS PGA Golf Players!!!

woteva6891 says:

I thought that golfers and caddies were a team, if golfers have to do it so
must their caddies

kyle sawyer says:

Looks like bubba had some fun

Ioane Fetu says:

Very nice for the Team to work together.

Time to Play Golf says:

Yes Great job PGA Tour players! 

Q dawg says:

Awesome, play hard boys

Slenderman Perko says:

mickelson and who else didnt take part?

RetroMMA says:

Un-Subscribed. I’m sick of this shit.

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