I'd Be STUPID Not To Use These Golf Clubs After THIS…. MY BEST EVER!!!

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I'd Be STUPID Not To Use These Golf Clubs After THIS…. MY BEST EVER!!! This is another episode of All the gear – no idea. A series where I use a full bag of clubs from one brand only. They may be the best irons you can buy, the best driver, the best wedges and even the best putter in golf… but finding a set from one company such as Callaway, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Cobra etc… today we use Mizuno, so Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons. A Mizuno STz Driver, Mizuno m-craft 2 putter and so on but what are the best golf clubs of 2021? Can they be from the same set? Let’s do it… and let’s do it now!

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Beau Allen says:

Nothing feels like a ……. really good round of golf

Mike Lewis says:

You should try Ben Hogan clubs.

Kyle Walker says:

Great looking putter, just hard to find in the states

jason harbison says:

Cobra Titleist Callaway Wilson Taylormade and Tour Edge would be my choices. Wilson and Tour Edge would be very interesting to me.

dean holdsworth says:

Another top video. As for using a package set I have just bought a Wilson Deep Red. Had a shocking first two rounds but improved a great deal on my third round.

Keith Fayers says:

James, why not play Tour Edge clubs as a budget set. I am currently using them and I wanted your opinion. Cheers 🏌️

Rob Temple-smithson says:

Try Adams golf…. or St. Andrews golf co. British forged irons 💪💪

Adam Dillman says:

love the series james! great round, and I'd like to see you use a full bag of srixon/cleveland clubs. i bought the zx5s this yr, 1st set of forged irons and love them! also bought the mizuno m craft 1 putter in metalic blue finish and love it as well!

Anomie says:

You are damn good with that 60 I like how every one teases you about "Using your 60" but if your that good with it "Why Not"

Anomie says:

Whats the price on the clubs in your bag, I say around……………2,000 pounds. Why Not. !

Anomie says:

I would like to know about swing speed, if you swing the club at 85 to 100 mph what shaft to use, and so on. I swing around 117 to 130 what shaft works well with that swing speed.

Arthur Nobes says:

-1 under finish. Cobra

NoPlayJack says:

"Sicth"? 😕

Thecompass45 says:

Great series James. What happened to the off the course series? You always have great content.

B A says:

Going to be tough to beat…but here’s betting that a good Cantlay v DeChambeau aka Titleist v Cobra will give Mizuno a run for their money!

Paul says:

-1. Cobra and Tour Edge. Put Mizuno Putter in bag!

Paul McGee says:

Very smart kit

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