I’ll Be Changing All Of My Golf Clubs

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Quest for the Open – Series Four Episode Six – In this video I play with Sophie Walker, have a full day being rubbish then awesome at the FSX Skills challenge, oh and I'm replacing all my clubs.

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Peter Finch Golf says:

I’ve changed the thumbnail and title just in case anyone was confused about what the video included, a little bit my error BUT I think some people do need to calm down and stop whining ? guys this is a YouTube video, chill and be happy ?

Ahmad Reedus says:


I M says:

I'm guessing Nike, Honma or PXG? lol

Stephen Bear says:

So when are you announcing who your club deal is with?

Glenn Quagmire says:

Chanel is Dead

hooligan 69 says:

Great putt pete thats the best putt ive seen you hole .. i cant think of another ??

Paul Scott says:

At 10.35 mins there is a set of clubs leaning against the back wall, could these be the new addition? ?️‍♂️

Elliott Parker says:

Ping all day. I bet you will still play ping holiday outings with friends and family ?

Kristján Hjelm says:

Everyone loves Sophie!

Bryce Zimmerman says:

I believe that he has signed with Ping

Douglas Robertson says:

Well done with the club deal, you deserve the recognition for the pleasure your videos have given us all. Hope the reveal is a surprise for everybody, not sure I could get excited about endless reviews on this months new taylormade.

Gavin Wreath says:

Can I have your old clubs Pete?

Keith Newnham says:

You`ve given up on the one length irons when I`ve just gone and forked out on a set. Do you know something I don`t?

Steven Huynh says:

congrats on the deal! maxfli is a great brand

Roberto Contreras says:

SOPHIE! She's awesome.

Jon B says:

Do you actively pinch in your right elbow in the backswing or does that just happen passively?

dean armstrong says:

Good luck with it…. But the £500 golfbidder club challenge doesn't constitute as a deal ??

Tim O'Hagan says:

Atta boy!! Love to see your excitement!! Dreams do come true… on to the Open???

Douglas Reid says:

Has to be Titleist

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