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Dan is an absolute training aid addict, if it's out there he probably owns it.

The impact snap claims to teach the proper moment of the wrists in the golf swing. Dan lets us know what he thinks in this video.

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

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hbyrdut says:

Don't most amateurs need to exaggurate new swing moves to make the smallest of changes. So if they work with this training aid they won't actually get to that impact position with their current club but it will be better.

Jeremy Walker says:

Can you bend it a little to match your preferred impact position?

mrjoszua says:

Dan if you strengthen your grip a bit you will get the ball to your forearm without as much flexion feeling. Kelvin recommends a stronger grip than you are using… a la Tiger early 2000s.


Thanks for your review, Dan. We appreciate the positive feedback!

Fabian Lozano Golf says:

Good evening Dan. I know the impact snap device and i use it frequently with my students. The point you giving on excesive left wrist flexion is true if you have neutral left hand grip. Compare Dustin Johnson (strong left) and Jon Rahm (neutral left) at impact. Rahm needs more left wrist flexion to keep hands forwsrd and compress ball that Dustin. Anyway, great review and recommendation to golfers. Best regards man!

Stephen Laird says:

Dan just got the power package can you do a review of that

Guy Davey says:

Really like the balanced reviews!! Thanks

Big Checkk says:

Great vid Dan! Can we get an orange whip review?

Andrea Echevarria says:

Had this a couple of years ago. Very helpful in getting me to stay down and through the ball. Actually helped my woods and hybrids more than my irons. Lent it to a friend and never got it back.

Ray Eccleston says:

Nice one Dan thanks.

Patrick Mayo says:

I've used this training aid. Like Dan says it's quite an exaggerated impact position . It's a great aid for just picking up at home and doing some reps with .

Howie Land says:

Thx for reviewing this training aid, Dan. Is the position of the ball adjustable? I'm thinking the ball touching your forearm would be affected by the user's width of shoulders and length of lower and upper arms.

tonyv75 says:

who are the two tour players Dan is referring to?

XXVelocityXX says:

I've been trying more to have forward shaft lean in order to have a more punchy ball flight. However, I been getting the shanks more when doing that. I think the problem has been not having proper trailing elbow placement. I had to adjust that more in order for shaft lean to be more effective.

General Splatton says:

Thank you for doing these types of videos! I have never heard of this aide before, so this was very informative. The best part for me is the information about what to look out for, or what the aide may have negative about it. I have a couple of training aides that I bought because of your vids.

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