IMPACT SNAP TRAINING AID | Wisdom in Golf | Shawn Clement

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Ben Williams says:

If you had to choose between the impact snap or the swing caddy, what would be your preference? Both seem similar and both are not on the cheap end… Thanks. Love the podcast!

Way2sublime says:

Lol using it completely wrong

kidpoker007 says:

Not using it on how it was intended

Eric R says:

Why are you swinging it so high like a baseball bat instead swinging it lower, facing towards the ground on on a normal golf swing plane?

Grégoire Zwissig says:

I have one impact snap! for left handed and after days of traning like you in this video I am fnally able to release it as late as possible but it feels as I won't have the wanted power at the impact of the ball. I mean in my mind if I'm releasing so late I didn't gather the appropriate velocity even if I know that's not true… let's see it with the club and the ball! Another thing it helps me not to deloft to quickly as I used to… and last but not least it feels that the up and down moves like the elephant walk helps also in oder to create lag and to release like you did here Shawn Clement. Only one question: your grip on the snapimpact seems to be weak and not as strong as with the hammer? Is it possible to adopt a strong grip with this tool as well? Many thanks for sharing and for improving my English as well! Lol

Grégoire Zwissig says:

If only I were in Canada…! Thank your Shawn Clement!

Flyingdiego says:

Shawn what is the difference with flipping hands?

Flyingdiego says:

Why none instructor teach the release like you do ?
This drill gives a very strong feal. But i never heard about that kind of feel anywhere…
First time for me to experiment that. But i realy struggle combine perpetual motion with that release.
I feel horrible with my wrist.

Scott Sanders says:

Interesting the way you are using it Shawn. Not the way it was intended, but hey if your students are getting results that's
all that matters. I would go left of Pelosi if I released it that way lol….

Steve Tersten says:

I would like to know where I could get a impact snap training tool? I have not seen any in any golf stores yet. Thank you for a great video…Steve Tersten

Bill Hill says:

Oh boy, this is a good one!

Joe Perez says:

Shawn, EVERY other video I've seen showing off the Impact Snap does not have the training swing end with the yellow ball over the right arm, but with the ball UNDER the right arm, or between both arms. Even the videos at the Impact Snap site itself has demonstrations end this way. I think I like your use better since getting my right arm on top through the release has been a life-long issue.

Jim Neuendorf says:

Hello Shawn. Nice explanation and golf tool (provided it's used correctly and understood). However, I feel like there might be a bit of a gap in the explanation? Where in the release does the club face make impact with the ball? Is it at same time the golf tool makes the "snap" or click sound on the downswing? Seems to me that waiting that long would be way too late. Thank you!

Gram says:

Hey great video Shawn, just a quick question on about the tilt to make the the club face square to the target. One thing I notice is the more closed my club face/stronger grip I have, the more I have to tilt in compensation. So, when this happens the hands are leading the club face by so much at address. My question is knowing how much should the hands be leading the club face at address? I know that each club will be different but is there a defining way to determine this?

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

This was very good and clear video how arms and hands are working. Great that you also said about that superstrong grip and how it can effect. Just let it go and look how it effects your ball flight. Fun! 🙂

Ron Iwankovitsch says:

Would it work with a perpetual motion drill?

Dad Maxx says:

I find what you said towards the end very interesting. If you have a super strong grip and you release the hands fully, you will tend to hook the ball. I guess it comes down to experimenting with different grips to see what fits your usual release pattern. I know that my driver tends to hook when I'm not playing well, but since I centered my swing and stopped hitting at the ball, this really has not come up. Still, I favor a strong grip, but not super strong.

Tee Bernoush says:

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