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Sven Brouer says:

How do you guys imagine this went? "Sure I'll show you some LockeyMagic in my room, miss Leopard. But please wait in the background while we finish this piece to camera." LOL

Richard Van Duin says:

coach needs some sun

Giebs n Stuff says:

5:44 Is that Coach's dessert following behind? You dog Lockey….

Reeko Peeko says:

Love it…. the most important lesson learnt from the video was how to pull a milf acting like a Whale. #LockeyArmy

NeilClay says:

Are those two single beds pushed together?

Graham Tomlin says:

Stunning views, can't wait for the course vlogs, maybe a new destination for my golfing list of must do's?

Stacy Zapshalla says:

At the range today and struggling with miss shots. Out to in path…. This was the total problem, I was not allowing my body to turn fully. shoulder turn its a beautiful thing.

Alex Paul says:

I hope mark gets a show on golf channel. I can't tell if that's what he really wants but he has definitely earned it.

Bob Pontes says:

I am from the Azores they are a hidden gem great work Mark the island of Terceira also has a course. that island is my favorite keep up the great work.

Shane Stein says:

Who was the blonde? Aunt Becky? 😉

darryl richardson says:

what kind of whales did you go watching, Orca ? Blue ? humpback ? heard the nice blonde saw some sperm.

Martin Jones says:

Who is Ryan Little?

Adam Coyne says:

go on the locks #GolfHolsAreFun 🙂

Marc Lenselink says:

Could somebody tell me what hotel they're staying at? Looks amazing and I got the Azorres on the bucket list, this would be a great place to stay.

Mark Spackman says:

game within a blonde game me thinks

justin howell says:

my striking hasn't been crisp the last few weeks, this may be the answer…to the range tomorrow, I'll let you know

Peter Summers-Smith says:

Cheers mark for the swing analysis and I'll let you know how i get on

colin tennant says:

Fair play. She is only flesh and blood who could resist ……..

Andy M says:

Lockeys Taylor Made 6pack

kf says:

I so needed this tip!

mark says:

I have this same issue. Thanks for the video brah!!!!

Alistair Deignan says:

Nice vid bruh, was that a member of the lockey army trying to follow? Sure the whale impression secures the score!

Ian Richardson says:

Who's room did the blonde end up in brah.

Scot Hardie says:

Who's the blonde ????

Dan Reynolds says:

Looks to me as though lockey had pulled a milf during his buffet

Steven Cottrell says:

Was that Mrs Crossfield in the back at the end?

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