In My Bag with 3-time Disc Golf World Champion Valarie Jenkins (2015)

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3-time Disc Golf World Champion & 2015 Aussie Open Champion Valarie Jenkins gives us the tour of her bag for season 2015.

This video was filmed in Perth, Western Australia during the 2015 Disc Golf Aussie Open.

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Cinematography: Jamie Thomas
Post production: Esa Arokki

Made possible by Innova Champion Discs

Copyright 2015 The SpinTV


jeffthrow6892 says:

Val keeps things fairly simple, which is never a bad thing. Good to see
some distance drivers in that bag, I’m sure the Tern should go farther than
the old Starfires…..I often wondered why Val wasn’t throwing something
like the blizzards or something else for more distance……

Trent Blakeslee says:

Oh awesome the third in my bag video in the past month. Unsubscribe

Peter mercil says:

Its cool to see a top pro who plays with only 15 discs and carries a small

Chris Davies says:

Love Val. Sorry Nate! Thanks for this, Spin TV!

Timothy Johnson says:

At what point is Innova going to acknowledge her last name is Doss now.
She’s changed her last name on all social media but innova keeps wanting to
call her jenkins.

mrDROCK says:

Just realized… no signature tour TL?

Mario Jr says:

I have a really old Pro Starfire. It is so beat in, that it is unbelievably
Cant wait to see you all at Worlds in Pittsburgh!!

byron philbrook says:

Love how she has DX plastic and X-outs!!!

Steven Elliott,Jr. says:

she seems really nice

AngryChainsDG says:

Great video

Braxton Jenks says:

the champion roc is on Avery’s in the bag

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