In My Bag with 3x Disc Golf World Champion Paul McBeth (2015)

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Trent Blakeslee says:

Did I see a couple factory seconds in there? Doesn’t meet their quality
standards to sell to the general public but does meet the performance
standards of the highest rated disc golfer in the world.

Joseph Arenas says:

$1,000 reward for this bag. That’s just from Grip I bet the reward will go
up when his other sponsors get in.

Scumbag Scotty says:

He throws lighter weights for Teebirds and I think destroyers for the same
reason…if there’s a mistake, it’s on him, not the disc. Also more control
that way.

Amazing production Jamie.

Steve Rogers says:

This is how an ‘In The Bag’ should be done. I’m glad they changed the music
to these Innova videos too. That Australian coast looks incredible. 

Pythonesque says:

Phenomenal production quality. The only thing this ITB fails to show is the
magical artifact that allows McB3ast to appear in human form. We all know
he is supernatural.

Brandon Schmuker says:

The Krait is such an underrated disc!

vathanasong says:

Best in the bag I’ve seen ever. Put together very well. Nice

Blake VanHouten says:

Best produced ITB I’ve seen.

Ben Slakey says:

This video is a tribute to those brave souls who lost their lives in the
tragic kidnapping that occurred late on February 26, 2015. May they rest in
peace with their new scumbag owner.

Devon Bourget says:

I wonder why he doesn’t throw any bosses its the same as a destroyer just
one speed faster

Kasper Skovly says:

best in the bag ever!!!

Steven Elliott,Jr. says:

im glad the bag that won like 8 pro tourneys in a row was documented like
this before that low life that stole it

luftisbollen says:

This bag was stolen 🙁 so annoying
so if you see someone have this bag or try to sell a discs to you with his
name on it, kick him in the nuts from me and contact his sponsor – i hope
it returns.. i think the reward is 1000 $ by his sponsor grip bag :)

Aaron DeVries says:

Paul rocking the Supreme Flight wristband!!!

Evan Fletcher says:

My bad is the exact same, why am I not the champ? Hahaha

Driftking763 says:

Paul McBeth has some really cool stamped discs.

Benjamin Tullis says:

Where did his bag end up? Did he throw all new discs the last 2 rounds of
the memorial or pull from extra he had on hand? 

moif says:

Interesting that his TeeBirds were so light. The Destroyers were almost max
weight, but I figured he always threw 175/180g.

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
Matthew Snapp says:

Keep up the good work spintv! You guys do great work!!! (Contest winner
right here please roc3)

Sammy Unnasch says:

Question for Paul, or any Pro. With a huge sponsor like Innova, you have
access to possibly hundreds of the same disc; for example many many many
types of Thunderbirds, Roc3s etc. When choosing brand new discs, how do you
decide which one works best for you?

AngryChainsDG says:

Nice video

TheSuperJenko says:

Whats the song that plays at the end? I love it

Driftking763 says:

Can’t wait to see who else they have for the In the bag videos.

Jordan Sellers says:

Killer shots Jamie!! 

Sejeewassup says:

Always interesting to see what the pros are throwing and how they use their

Chris Bauman says:

Man that pig stamped flake Roc3 is pretty

Jrpotvin says:

Awesome bag, hope he gets it back!

Jesse Papermaster says:

Are the new mcpros for sale yet

Brent MacDonald says:

excellent production quality ITB!

James White says:

I wonder why you dont see too many top guys throwing the Boss..surprising.
The big boys seem way more into the destroyer.. I get it that you can get
500 out of a destroyer, but doesnt everyone want just a little more? The
boss seems just was consistent as a destroyer to me.

dalcowboiz says:

Was just waiting for a spider to crawl up and freak him out

Gibney Michael says:

Solid update. 

jlawhon says:

Excellent video! Thanks for posting it.

Driftking763 says:

You can never have to many backups when it comes to distance and fairway

Adam Thompson says:

what does it mean when the weight is highlighted in green?

Niklas Ahonen says:

Good job SpinTV and thanks for all the videos! It was great to see what
Paul has in his bag for this season.

hiddentiger7856 says:

Awesome stuff!

YoJohnnyA says:

Anyone notice “Destroyer” was spelled “Destoyer?”

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