INSIDE A GOLF DRIVER – Adjustable Weight TaylorMade Drivers – Ripped Apart Series

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INSIDE A GOLF DRIVER – Adjustable Weight TaylorMade Drivers – Ripped Apart – In this next video of the Ripped Apart series I look at the M1 and M2 drivers to look at how adjustable weight drivers work.

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Aj Nawabi says:

haters are out cheap dudes go get a job save some money get your own driver lol. Why ask for a free one. Or enter those giveaways when they are up maybe you can win.

Eoin m says:

Pete using power tools dressed in his best golfing gear this is why I love the internet

Jesse Young says:

Please tell me you used a diamond blade. If you used a regular chop saw blade on titanium you sir have a very large pair between your legs

Chris Waller says:

I think you need to stop wasting your time ripping stuff in half as we didn't really see naff all in this vid and you have ruined 2 perfect drivers. Bravo

Kevin Dodd says:

Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! how could you pete????? interesting tho ?

F Lew says:

Sorry Pete, I don't see the point of this video as TM has already shown the inside of the M series drivers in the promotional video. Callaway also has video of the de-constructed driver head. It is a waste of good driver heads. I was expecting to see more of the inside of the club head but all I can see is two destroyed heads. Lighting wasn't good enough to see any details inside.

Matthew Webb says:

I think I need a new driver…

Alex Carey says:

Dam I’d love them drivers! But I also enjoyed watching you cut them up ?

Barry Munro says:

Good vid but I’d like to have seen a section through the hosel to see if it showed you what happens if anything for increasing/decreasing loft

DarrenIrelandFishing says:

That nearly made me cry, I would give my left nut for an M1 driver and you just cut one open??. Absolutely fantastic content as always tho and extremely good production quality in this series of videos!! Keep up the great work ??

Jesse Vollmer says:

I'd love to see the inside of the new Callaway Rogue drivers

Chris Lum says:

Great video. Pretty cool to see the inside of a driver head.

Wan Najmi Anwar says:

I got hypertension just from looking at the title and the picture

Conor Carlin says:

If you are having trouble getting rid of some clubs Peter I don't mind taking them off your hands ??‍♂️ just saying ?

brian burch says:

Not the 2016 M2 that is one of the best if not the best driver of this new generation of drivers. Pete you are killing me with these videos but I can't help but watch.

Sam Paul says:

What a waste. Must be what it feels like for the starving kids in Africa when we waste food. While I play with my old g20

Bryce Thornton says:

Pete, maaate, have you made a vid on gripping up and down on irons to see if it can help your gapping especially on the shorter clubs. Keen on your thoughts. Love the channel

Rob Randall says:

Might have to do this with my old clubs so I stop chopping and changing!

Will .M says:

?That m2 could have gone in someone's bag.thumbs up anyway ?

Mark F says:

Very interesting video Pete, and it makes one think that with 460cc of empty space inside a driver head, that something needs to be done to dampen the sound that they would otherwise make when hit, still love the sound of a persimmon driver when it's hit

Will there be a video of you putting it back together and then playing it again? ☺

Chris Powell says:

That’s 10mins I won’t get back

Kev Giles says:

Would have preferred a better job at cutting them open so we could really see whats what, instead we got a complete butcher job. Think you need to get a bigger saw if your going to do this again 🙂

Eric Ganster says:

Hated to see you waste those two good driver heads Pete but it was a i opener! PS you're looking very fit these days going to be giving DJ competition soon ?

Jackson M says:

I’ve been loving your videos recently! Keep up the amazing work

GOKU 23 says:

This is what's going to happen to your driver if you don't make the cut on driver vs driver 2 show!!???

Vonik says:

I cried watching these drivers cut in half…? I could’ve had one???

Chris McMillen says:

This fuckin hurts. I could use s new driver!!!!

heath hobson says:

Watch you and Rick all the time. I’m always pulling for Texas Pete though.

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