Inside The Mizuno Tour Truck I Golf Monthly

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► Neil Tappin takes a behind the scenes look around the Mizuno Tour Truck

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Ian Davies says:

Come on golf monthly one of your video one day has to have PUMA COBRA golf one day.

Glenn Wiebe says:

I'm glad to hear that there are some out there on tour that are using, what did you say, 12 yr old sticks? I've got T-Zoid Pro's and I won't change them until I have to. They are fabulous and are what I call "game improvement." They help me improve my game. They may not be as forgiving as new irons today but I am encouraged every time I hit one to hit it better. And I don't need my 7 iron to be 28º or 30º just to gain a few extra yards. I want high spin, high launch since course conditions and my often less than stellar strike take their fair share. Nope, I want now what is being called the retro lofts, 34º 7 iron. Love Mizuno!

P Rex says:

Now that I'm playing a set of Mizuno irons, I get what all the hoopla is all about. I'm now a Mizuno fan for life.

VmcgHD says:

Not good enough to hit the MP18 Blades!?! Don’t be daft. I play off 13 and love my set. Hit 2 under my handicap today and I was hitting my irons beautifully. Don’t ever let an iron dictate to you what you should, or shouldn’t play.

Eric Bohlig says:

Seems like an awesome truck!

James Holloway says:

Saw this beast of a truck drive past me yest down the Bearwood lakes road. You must’ve just wrapped your video haha!

Paul P says:

The golfer's ultimate candy store!! ?

SiLo Mixing and Mastering says:

Is there bitches in the tour bus

Randy Mahony says:

Someday I will own a set of mizuno clubs.

udubidub says:

from tp9 …tp11 Mizuno lost their way.

That was SAVAGE says:

Anyone no a light weighted firm shaft (other than xp)

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