Inside the TaylorMade Tour Truck | TaylorMade Golf

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Yeag 9009 says:

I want to see this man play with the pros one video

Mac McCall says:

That truck never ceases to amaze me. You got the dream job Trottie

Craig Berry says:

On a side note, Quail Hollow looks pure

Craig Berry says:

Forgive me if I sound a little bitter, why has Rickie even on the Taylormade staff? Marketing? He's a Cobra player and lately his golf (like myself) hasn't exactly been stellar.

04hulatt says:

I wish I had your job or a job like you and the team

jubbes jubbes says:

Still no PS5.

Useful Programmer says:

I feel like they would have made better use of the upper deck with a simulator

REM56 says:

All the bells and whistles, but couldn't get their hands on a PS5. lol

mat Sottile says:

man i wish i could sign with taylormade ive always loved there clubs the club ive got the most trust in, is my m4 rescue wood

Bobby B. says:

The level of customization, fitting, and attention these tour pros get is next world (not just TM, but all the manufacturers). I remember working the range at Valero in SA, TX about 6-7 years ago and saw Ian Poulter walk up to the driving range with something like 6+ different drivers in tow. No doubt, built on the spot.

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